Gummy vs Real Food Showdown

Gummy vs Real Food Showdown

100 thoughts on “Gummy vs Real Food Showdown”

  1. I spent a good 30 seconds repeating to myself "WHAT IS THAT ON HIS FACE?!" when I saw Link's facial hair.

    Holy mother of god.

  2. I get the feeling that Rhett was cheating because you can see the reflection of the plate on Link’s glasses 🤔

  3. 100% of people say of link beard 🤓🧔
    Me 1% feel bad for link bad luck not every single real food instead gummy expect worms

  4. Rhett questions where they found a gummy brain, maybe how they got a real brain would be a better question


    Rhett: sO fRuItY!


    Rhett: How’d you get one so fruity?

  6. Kukukkkkukkkkkkkukkkkkkkkukkkukkkkkkkkkkkkukkkukukkkkkkkkukkkkkkkkkukkuukkkukkkukkukkukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkukkukukkkkkkkkkukkukkkukkkkkkkkkkkkukukkkkkkukkkukkkukkkkkkkukkkkukkkkkukkkkkkukukkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkukkkkukkkukkkkkkkukkuukukkukukkukkkukkkkkukkukkkkkkkkkkukkkukkkkkkukkkkkkkkkkkkkkukukkkkkkkkukkukkkkkukkkkkkkkukkuukkkukkukkkkkkkkkkkkkukkkkukukkkkuukkukukkkkkkkkkkukkukkukkkkkkkkkkukkkkkkkkkkkukkkkuuuukkkukukuukukuukuukukukukkkkkkkkkukkkkukkkkuukkukukkkkkkukkkkkkkukkukukuukuukukkkuukkkukkkkkukuukkukukuuuuukukukkkuukkkkukkkuukkukkuukukukuukuuukkuukuukkukuuukkkkuuukkkkukuukkukkkkukkkkkukkukukukkkkkkkukuukkkuukukkukkkukkkkukkkkkkkukkkkkukukkukkkkkukkkkkukuuukkkukkukukukukuuukuuuukukuuuukkkkuuukukkukukkukuuukkuuukukkkkkkkuukkukkuukkkuuuuuuuuukuukkuukuuukkkukkuuuuukkuuuuukuuuuuuu

  7. When Link said "or were you just looking at your own brain?" and literally put emphasis on the word brain, my heart stopped for a second

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