GUESS THAT FOOD: Bob’s Burgers Burgers! (In Real Life)

– Is this a deep-fried pickle? Oh my gosh, these are
the best things in the world. – I know what this is called,
I know what this is called! Okay, okay okay.
I don’t even need to eat it. But I’m gonna eat it. ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) So today you’ll be
eating burgers. – Yes!
– That’s it? Just eating burgers?
– I love burgers. – Yes!
– Ooh, okay. – Yes please!
– I’m hungry too. – Yeah, right? – (FBE) So we’re not just eating
regular burgers, today we’ll be eating burgers from episodes of the popular cartoon,
Bob’s Burgers. – What? – Oh [bleep]! Hell yeah!
– That’s gonna be good. – (FBE) Do you guys
have a favorite episode? – All of ’em, does that count?
– Yeah. – I’ve watched Binging with Babish
make them. Like the pickle car one. – I love Tina, and I love Louise. Like it’s really hard to choose,
like Tina. – I like how mellow Tina is.
– Right? – She’s not me, I was gonna say
she’s me, but she’s not at all. I’m moreso Gene. – (FBE) Since Bob’s Burger of the Day
is always named after a pun, at the end of each taste test, you’ll have the opportunity
to guess the name and then watch a clip
from the episode. – Okay. – Oh my God, I wish I paid
more attention to the menu boards! – I know, ’cause it changes…
– That’s the best part too. – …every episode. – (FBE) Does anyone
want to wear this hat? – Yes, I’ll wear a hat! I love wearing hats.
Heck yeah! – Louise.
– There we go. – (FBE) Perfect.
– I look great now! ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Alright, let’s bring out
the first burger. – Yum!
– Woohoo! – Mmm, I don’t even need
to get dinner. – (Kieran) Yeah. – This is so good.
Yeah, it’s kind of like… – Thick cheese. – What is that, Pepper Jack? – This looks good, is that,
that looks like a little bit of red relish on there. Mmm, that’s not red relish. (laughs)
Ooh. – It’s got a little heat to it.
It’s not too hot, but I like,
it’s got like a little bit. – It’s salsa and cheese. – I’ll say mozzarella,
if I had to be specific about it, and then lettuce,
I think that’s about it. – What is it?
– It’s cheese, but… – How scared? – I don’t know what kinda
cheese that is. Maybe I’m just a weenie,
but why is it spicy? (laughs) It’s got a little kick.
– Yeah, I can taste it. – Blackboard.
– (FBE) So what do you think that was? – I had a hamburger for lunch.
– Oh. – (FBE) Out of the choices. So out of Curd-fect Strangers,
Texas Chainsaw Massa-curd, and Parma Parma Parma
Chameleon? (Vanessa laughs) – Imagine how fun it is
to be the person who actually like comes up
with these names though? – (FBE) One, two, three! – What’d you put? – Oh okay, we said the same. – (FBE) And you guys are both wrong. (buzzer rings)
– (both) Oh! – Dang it, wait, what’d you?
– (FBE) The correct answer is Texas Chainsaw Massa-curd.
– Texas Chainsaw Massa-curd. – It’s ’cause of the red. I was like red, blood,
that makes the most sense to me, I don’t know.
– Oh sick, okay. – (FBE) One point for both of you.
– Awesome. – What got me was the strangers. ‘Cause it put like two
not very common things you would mix together on a burger,
so that was like my mentality. – Oh, that’s a good point! (Linda hums) – This one, okay, I remember!
The bats. – (Linda) This year I got the bats
that are smiling. It’s more realistic. – (Bob) Why is it more realistic? Why is it more realistic?
– (Linda) ‘Cause they’re happy! – Oh man, there it is, I saw it. – (Linda) It’s their favorite holiday,
they love it! – I love Linda Belcher so much! I wanna be her best friend. – I’m so glad that’s the first episode ’cause it’s the only episode I’ll get. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) Alright, and now
for the second burger. – Ooh, okay. – Huh. – Ooh, here we go,
we got something a little… What is this,
like a little fried pickle? – Is this a deep-fried pickle? Oh my gosh, these are the best things
in the world. That’s fire. – I know, I know what this is called.
I know what this is called. Okay, okay okay.
I don’t even need to eat it, but I’m gonna eat it. Huh. It’s not that bad,
but I probably wouldn’t finish it. Like, it’s kinda hard
for me to swallow. – It has some green in it. – It has chives in it.
Yeah. – You’re right, this is so good. – Woop. – Mmm, this is good. (laughs) – Whoa! That’s a lot of flavors. – Is that potato salad on there? – That’s cream cheese, huh? I think that’s cream cheese. That has to be cream cheese. That’s so good. – I already know what it’s called!
Can I just start writing it? – (laughs) Now you don’t
trust ’em, huh? You’re like you sneaky…
– Yeah, like maybe. – (FBE) One, two, three. And you guys are both right.
(bell rings) – You got it from the pickles
being the wheels, right? – Yeah.
– Really? – (FBE) Those are little wheels. – Oh! – Oh, that makes
so much more sense now. (bell rings)
– Okay. Wow, see, I was like,
it can’t be that easy, but like is it?
– ♪ Baby you can chive my car ♪ – Here you go, Henry.
– (Henry) What’s this? I ordered the usual. – (Bob) Well since Pop’s
getting his prostate checked, and I’m manning the grill,
I thought why not try the unusual.
– Unusual. – (man) Ooh!
– (Bob) Henry, I present to you Baby You Can Chive My Car burger. Sour cream, chives and little
fried pickle wheels on the sides that make it look like a car.
Vroom, vroom. – So pure.
So cute. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) And the third burger. – Different bread.
– Yeah! – I see.
– Little sourdough, a little avocado.
– Like pumpernickel or something, okay, okay. – Ooh, she oily.
– (coughs) That smells terrible. – It’s onion-y.
It’s on rye. It’s good. – Mmm. – See, I don’t like onion,
so for me, that was a bad decision. – Mmm. – I wish this was my job
every day. Well it’s made with bread,
it’s got grilled onions, cheese. Is that American cheese? Is that what I think
American cheese is? – (FBE) So the choices for this one
will be Sweet Home Avocado, It’s Fun To Eat
At The RyeMCA, and Don’t You For Cheddar
‘Bout Me. – That’s hard. Those all seem very plausible
for that sandwich. – Not the middle one,
’cause I don’t think that was rye bread, was it?
Oh God. I don’t know.
– (FBE) One, two, three. – Okay, so she went with that, one.
Maybe, I put the dot dot dot. – I just wrote RyeMCA. – I did the Don’t You
For Cheddar ‘Bout Me. – (FBE) You guys are both wrong. (buzzer rings)
– What? – (FBE) The correct answer is
It’s Fun To Eat At The RyeMCA. – It’s the one that I
didn’t think it was. – Same. – Wow, I was gonna put that,
and then I was like “no.” – Dang.
– It just sounded right. It just felt right. – Yeah!
– See? – (FBE) And now you guys are tied. – See? And we have two more burgers.
– (FBE) This is dangerous. – This is dangerous. – Dr. Yap is dreamy. When he’s looking at my molars, it’s like he’s looking
right into my soul. – (Linda) Well I’m glad you
like the dentist, Tina. – See how mellow she is?
Like, what? – (Linda) You like the dentist, Tina,
but your father doesn’t feel the same way.
– Right there. – (Linda) Getting him there
is like pulling teeth. (laughs) Get it? – I guess I don’t know my breads. – Every burger after burger,
it gets more questionable. ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) And this next burger will actually come
with a nice little side. – Hey! (gasps) What?
– Ooh. – Oh, this is, it’s a caesar. I can tell you
right from the get-go. – I wanna try the soup. – I’m a hoe for soup.
Oh sorry! I’m, I’m… swooning over soup. – This smells good.
– Dip your burger in soup? That sounds bomb.
– Are you gonna do it? – [bleep] Yeah, I’m gonna do it. – Is that spinach?
Okay. – Mmm. Big fan of dipping food
in other food. – I’m seeing some mustard on there. – I see little seeds.
– Mmm, mmm! Maybe that’s kale.
– That’s good. – Mmm, mm-hmm.
Tasty, but messy. – I’m gonna dip it. – The soup’s pretty good. – What kinda soup is that?
– Good soup. (laughs) Looks nicely grilled. – Ooh, I do not like that. – Kinda weird aftertaste.
– Mm-hmm. – Let’s see. – I don’t know how I feel about that. It’s a very like tart kinda taste,
like almost sour. Oh, the soup tastes
way better with it. Yeah, you gotta try it with the soup. – (FBE) Alright, so the choices
for this one will be A Leek Of Their Own,
She’s A Super Leek, and Good Night and Good Leek. – Oh, so it was leeks on them! – ♪ Super leek ♪
– ♪ Super leeky ♪ – (FBE) On count of three,
one, two, three. So you guys are both wrong. Oh wait, no I’m just kidding,
you’re right. – Oh.
– We’re both right? (laughs) – (FBE) The correct answer is
A Leek Of Their Own. (buzzer rings) – I was thinking like
♪ She’s a super leek ♪ ♪ Super leek ♪
Like that’s a very bop thing, right? – It has like a ring to it. – Ah!
– Wow! (laughs) – Did we get the same one? – Oh yeah. (laughs) – So now we’re tied though! – (FBE) You guys are still tied, yeah. – Damn, we only have
one burger left. If it’s a tie breaker,
that’s some good-ass TV right here. Everyone tune on in. – Well, guess I’d better go feed Chad. – Oh, it’s on the…
– (Bob) And Trip and Chip and Skip and all the other rich kids. – (Gene) You say that
like we’re not rich. Wait, dad, are we not rich? (both laughing) – My kids did the opposite
of that one day, they’re like “oh man,
we are so poor.” And I’m like we’re,
I mean, we’re not rich, but we’re not poor.
And they were like “we’re not!?” ♪ (accordion music) ♪ – (FBE) And now for the last one. – Oh, is this seaweed? – Is this wheat bread?
– It does look like a wheat bun, huh? – It looks really simple. It looks like it’s just kale?
Is it kale? – Yeah, that’s a kale. (kale crunches) – It’s not spinach.
Kale, no kale? Lettuce is darker. – It is very salty. – I’m trying to think like…
– If you say it’s okay. – Broccoli?
– Kinda tastes like broccoli? – To me. – Mmm. Mm-hmm. – It’s crisp.
– It’s dry. – Very dry, like where’s the sauce?
– Bob! – I feel like I just had
a seaweed wrapped burger. That was weird. That’s, not a fan. – (FBE) So the choices
for this burger will be, Kale Mary, Kale From The Crypt
or If Looks Could Kale. – These are all good! – I got it.
This one I have to get right. – (FBE) One, two, three. – Oh [bleep]! – (FBE) You guys are both wrong.
(buzzer rings) – Oh, we wrote the same thing!
Okay. – (FBE) So the correct answer is
If Looks Could Kale. – I keep second guessing myself. – I got it?
– Yay, what’d you pick? – Ha, I knew it! – I think understand the writer now,
you know? Me and him are like,
we’re close, we soul bonded. – (FBE) You guys tied! – What!
– We both did it! You know what, I’m actually
super excited we tied. That’s like the cutest thing ever. – Sorry about all that. – I’ve seen this episode, I really should’ve known this! – (Bob) If Looks Could Kale burger.
(laughs) You get it? – (man) Mm-hmm. – (Bob) Uh, well, you’re not laughing.
I don’t think you got it. – I remembered that.
I remember him saying it. – (man) I got it,
I’ll have a cheeseburger. – (Bob) Coming right up. – (Louise) That guy’s
creeping me out! (both laugh) – Oh my God, Louise.
Always, always. I love her. – (FBE) Alright, so you’re both
the winner/loser of this challenge. – Sick dude.
– Yeah. – (FBE) How’s it feel? – We’re equally matched
in pun knowledge. – Yeah, that’s good with me. – I feel, yeah.
– Full. – Feels like a reward
for watching TV and only doing that in my free time, so I’m like a little excited,
and a little bit like that’s kinda sad. – I love food and I love Bob’s Burgers
and now I love Vivica. – Aw!
– So it’s just like a win-win-win. I just…
– (Vivica) That was so nice! – It was fun!
It was so fun. – Thanks for watching us guess
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