GP3 Three Part Nutrient by Green Planet Nutrients

GP3 Three Part Nutrient by Green Planet Nutrients

Clients that have experienced great success
with Green Planet products have been asking for quite some time when will we get a 3-Part.
As you know in the industry, 3-Parts have been very popular with our traditional Bloom,
Grow, and Micro formulas that we can adjust ratios depending on the specific crop or strain
that we’re growing. In response to these continued requests, Green
Planet has put the time in to formulate, and test, and bring to market a superior three-part
formula. Finally, we have unveiled GP3 Grow, Bloom, and Micro formula that you’re familiar
with, not just copied but reinvented, finessed, without carbonates without unnecessary plant
dyes. There’s nothing in here that will not benefit your plant. All the ingredients
are aimed at improving the growth that your plant is experiencing. This product line can be seamlessly integrated
into any 3-Part program, so you’ve got some grow and some micro from some other brand.
You can simply bring in the bloom until you run out of the other products and then purchase
your GP3 Grow, your GP3 Micro, and seamlessly switch over. We are very confident that you’re going
to find these products are performing as good, probably better than the other 3 Parts you’re
familiar with. We’ve gone through extensive testing and some of my largest clients that
have been stable users of the traditional 3 Parts for many, many, many years have not
switched over to GP3 and they’re super happy. So if you’re looking to try something new,
try our better 3 Parts, try GP3.

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  1. Dude your 3 minute videos are by far the best. Always quick to the point & informative as hell. Thanks I now see these are 2016, but the methods never change. hope your still growing cheers chubba!

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