Giving Grab Food Riders Our ORDER & TIP!! (Nasurprise!!) | Ranz and Niana

Yeah! I give it to you. Aye Let’s go! Aye Turn up! What’s up guys Niana here and I’m with Ranz kyle. And welcome to Ranz and Niana Vlog Season 2 Aye, what’s up you guys, as you can see I’m kinda okay right now, I was sick days ago. But I’m still sick right now but were shooting for you guys We will be posting a video for you guys. Back on track, we’re gonna be doing something for you today Like a giving back thing. You know, lately we’ve been seeing this post Online. And — Where, like, grab drivers delivers food and then people are pranking them by not showing up. Yeah guys, some people ordered a bunch of Milk Tea, Some people ordered a bunch of Chicken. Without even showing up to pay. And we all know Grab drivers, go through a lot by going around all the time and being tired for this and that. So, we felt bad about that. And because of that We’re gonna be giving Grab Riders our orders for free. Exactly. So guys, it’s basically what’s in the title bellow. We’re gonna be ordering, like a bunch of Grab food orders. And then when the driver arrives, we’re gonna pay of course And then the food that we ordered we’re gonna be giving it to them for free. And even the change, maybe. We got inpired by doing this because, like we saw one youtuber did this thing. The Hungry Syrian Wanderer Shout out to you bro! A lot of people got inspired with that thing. So now we’re gonna be doing the same thing because we wanna give a token of appreciation to a couple of them. So we’re gonna be doing that right now. We’re gonna be ordering, Let’s go inside the house because it’s kinda hot here. First order! So, go to grab Grab Food We’re gonna order 1 Dozen of donuts So let’s go! Yeah, okay! We gonna book it! Add to basket. Okay, placing order. Okay, let’s go! Book! Okay, we’re looking for driver. Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see — Waiting game. Okay! Okay, we found the driver. Micheal is coming. Let’s wait for Micheal. Let’s go! Now guys, the Grab driver is there. don’t watch me! Yeah, I give it to you. So yeah, here, come on, come on, come on here, get it. Enjoy your donuts! Yo! That was amazing! What the heck! Done? yeah! How was it? Yo, he was happy. Oh, that happy? about it? Yeah. Okay, that’s good! You made someone happy today. Congrats! That feels awesome. It’s nice to, like you know, someone happy today guyss You guys should do it too! Now! Let’s go on to the next Grab driver. Let’s go! Okay I’m gonna book it now, place order. Okay, finding the driver. And we found another one. We got — right here coming. Let’s wait for him. Let’s go! There he’s coming. Let’s see his reaction. Okay guys. That simple. Another person that we made happy. Let’s go! Okay so the next one. Let’s go! Okay, we ordered a zinger, it will be a spicy day for the guy. — Iced tea so it’s hot. And then fries. Add to basket! Order. Okay now we’re booking guys. Jefferson. My name is Jeff Let’s wait for Jefferson. Let’s go! And now guys so the driver actually arrived already. so, let’s go. Nice to meet you kuya, and enjoy your zinger. Thank you po kuya. He was about to legit cry. What happened? He was emotional, he was about to cry. Really? He watched a lot of videos that’s also been pranked by customers And he’s proud that he’s one of it. Aye! Let’s go! Alright guys. And now, we’re on to the next one. Niana that was good. Now, it’s my turn again. I’m gonna order a pizza and I’m gonna give it to him. Okay guys let’s order. Add to basket. Now it’s confirmed. Let’s wait for the driver. Let’s go The driver just door belled now let’s go outside. What a good day. And yeah guys, as you can see he’s gonna work, for like, until 8 PM today. It’s just a good thing to give that pizza to him. Because, like, you know He’s gonna be hungry. Lets go on with the next one. Let’s go! I’m going to order, 2 pcs Chicken with Rice Meal. Add to basket There we go. Okay let’s book it! Okay, we found the driver, kuya Jess. Okay, he’s getting our order. So, Let’s wait! Let’s go. Let’s go! Okay guys, so the driver just door belled so let’s go out. I’ll give you 100 also. okay That was amazing He said that he tasted that chicken He said it was very good One of his favorites. So, — Let’s go! So now this time, we’re gonna go at the same time. So, me and Niana is gonna go outside And, gonna talk to the driver. — this thing went viral because of the milk tea issue. Some people ordered, like, a bunch of milk tea And then when the driver went there. No one showed up and paid. yeah so, because of that we’re ordering milk teas, but this time, We’re gonna show up and we’ll give him a milk tea. And we’re gonna cheers with him. You know what I’m saying. Where’s a good milk tea here. Okay. Ordering milk teas, Placing milk tea’s right now. Let’s wait for the driver. Let’s go! Aye! Oh, do you know us? yes Yes? Kuya what is this? Macau Milk Tea Macau? Oh you want a photo? Okay. Thank you so much. is this yummy? Yes! Huh? Have you tasted this? Have you tried? Yes. How much? — okay that’s the payment. Oh that Bogus!? Did you experience it? Niana this is yours! Let’s go! Hardworking people. Say hi for the Vlog. See you, Thank you po Kuya, Nice to meet you. I’ve been tasting milk tea before. Gotta admit, it’s good. It’s cool Let’s go. Okay guys so , that was epic. That was a nice chat with the Grab driver right there. For the last delivery, we we’re like thinking something like a Happyy birthday prank. Yeah. So we’re gonna order a cake Then we’re gonna ask when is his birthday. And then little does he know We’re gonna say it in advance or belated. Yeah, we’re gonna sign him a happy birthday and then give him the cake. Exactly. So, Let’s order a cake. Let’s order a cake. Okay, so I think I saw a cake, oh there. Let’s get that one. I think that’s the nearest — And then — Rainbow cake? I think that one is cool. Okay rainbow cake. — Booking. Let’s wait! And we got a driver. Named Paolo. Now let’s wait for him. Happy birthday to you. Let’s go! He’s almost near. So lets wait until — Okay guys, door bell is there. It’s time. Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, Happy birthday Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday Kuya Paolo Advance wish. happy birthday. Happy birthday po. Good luck! Let’s go rainbow cake. I wanna give back to you guys. Thank you po kuya, Advance happy birthday. Thank you po Kuya, Happy birhtday. Take care, take care. Okay guys, that is the last Grab rider and we enjoyed so much doing this Giving back to drivers. And yeah guys I hope they enjoy eating their food — — shout out to you guys. That we, like you know, gave them for free. Shout out to all the grab riders out there. And yeah guys, I hope you guys enjoyed this video Give this video a like, share, subscribe And turn on our post notification for a shout out. Shout out to Before we end this video we just want to remind you guys that all the pranks are not just for fun or jokes We should realize and respect the hard works of Grab riders and other hardworking people. Let’s not make fun of them. Prank in a bad way. Let’s think of the prank that we do. That is it for the end of the video And we will see you guys on the next Vlog. Peace!

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