Full Dish Hustle: How Sugar Monster Makes a Geode Cake | Food Network

Full Dish Hustle: How Sugar Monster Makes a Geode Cake | Food Network

[music playing] SKYLER BOUCHARD: Who
is the sugar monster? What is the sugar monster? Anyone who is obsessed with
sweets, first and foremost, and just having fun. We’re not just your
standard bakery. SKYLER BOUCHARD: Yeah, I’ve
never seen anything like that. ASHLEY HOLT: They’re
little works of art, and just loud and fun. It took me a long time
before I was able to actually find my own personal style. SKYLER BOUCHARD: Where do
you get the inspiration? Because I can’t just think of
that out of thin air, you know? My brain’s a little crazy. When I did this cake, there is
this beautiful, beautiful rock called an aurora crystal. It’s like a magical
fairy unicorn rock that you look inside. And it is just rainbows
inside of this rock. And you just
thought, oh my gosh, let me turn that into
a cake because I can? ASHLEY HOLT: Yeah. All right, show
me how this is done. Pick up a little cluster. SKYLER BOUCHARD: All right. As long as you just paint
all of them a different color, then it looks like holograms. Every single one? Oh my gosh. Well, let’s get started then. When did you decide to
go full time with this? ASHLEY HOLT: 14 months ago.
SKYLER BOUCHARD: Wow! What were you doing before this? ASHLEY HOLT: I was working
as a culinary producer and food stylist. SKYLER BOUCHARD: Oh, wow, so
this is really up your alley? ASHLEY HOLT: The
inside of this cake is a sprinkle cake, a
vanilla sprinkle cake, which is our most popular. SKYLER BOUCHARD: Oh, nice. ASHLEY HOLT: Yeah, filled with
a fruity cereal pastry cream. SKYLER BOUCHARD: Oh, my
god, I’m going to cry. ASHLEY HOLT: It’s a very
competitive industry. And it’s super important
for me to stay, you know, ahead of
the trend and just on the forefront
of people’s minds. We have to put our
own spin on it. So we’re cutting it differently. We’re using different
rocks, mixing in more gold, adding in the drips. SKYLER BOUCHARD:
And also I noticed, you have all these tattoos. And they are kind
of food related. What inspired these?
What’s– ASHLEY HOLT: Well, this
is my sugar monster. SKYLER BOUCHARD: Wee,
so that’s the one. ASHLEY HOLT: Yeah. This sugar monster
has a big pink swirly ice cream cone hair. SKYLER BOUCHARD:
That’s what that is. ASHLEY HOLT: Yeah. SKYLER BOUCHARD: OK, yeah ASHLEY HOLT: –jagged
teeth because half of them fell out from the sugar,
and holding a purple cake. SKYLER BOUCHARD: What was the
first job offer you turned down because you were
like, I’m doing this, and I’m doing it full time? It actually happened
like five months ago. And it was going to take
me away to Austin, Texas. Oh my gosh, I was going to make
about $75,000 on the job. How did that feel? It felt scary a bit. But it also felt very good. I was very proud of myself. I mean, it’s incredible. The clients that we’ve been able
to have recently and just the experiences, and I would have
missed out on all of that. SKYLER BOUCHARD:
This is so cool. I feel like I’m a
mad scientist, and I haven’t even done anything. I’m just standing
here watching you. So do you have any
words of advice for any millennials trying
to start a baking business? Find your own style. Be smart with your money. And to be completely fearless,
and know that it is going to be hard before it gets easy. Yeah. Just don’t give up. And then it turns into this. SKYLER BOUCHARD: It’s so pretty. ASHLEY HOLT: I know. It’s just beautiful. Well, I’m going to
cut into this thing. SKYLER BOUCHARD: Oh, girl. You’re not ready for this. SKYLER BOUCHARD: Wow! Look at that. It’s as beautiful on the
inside as it is on the outside. – That’s how a human should be.
– Yeah. –like cakes especially. Yeah. [laughs]

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  1. A Gorgeous, Unique work of Art ! Truly defies convention, and, I Love it !!! Make mine blue, please ! ♡♡♡

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