Feeling Down? Try This Smoothie To Boost Your Mood, Energy and Digestion!

Feeling Down? Try This Smoothie To Boost Your Mood, Energy and Digestion!

Do you like juices? What about a green juice? Green juices aren’t just a sudden fad – nor
are them a miracle treatment. It is a combination of ingredients with specific
properties, used to improve the health as a whole. The aim of green juices is to promote the
renewal of the physiological functioning of the digestive system. It increases vitality and energy, improves
circulation, reinforces body defenses, and slows down the aging process. There is nothing better than a green juice
to clean the body and prevent fluid retention. Of course our body can naturally get rid of
toxins by itself, but doing a detox once or twice to boost this cleansing is essential. Not to mention that consuming a nice dose
of healthy nutrients is the key to improve our mood. Isn’t it true? Have you ever tried a detox juice? Share your opinions with us! Did you know that eating healthy improves
mental health? According to a recent study by Mysore University
and the Department of Technological Research, vitamins of natural ingredients are a great
way to get energy to the body right after waking up. We already talked about these ingredients
here on the channel, but we will talk a little bit again so you can remember the powers of
this delicious combo. Green apple is rich in nutrients, making it
great to stimulate intestinal functioning, and acts as a natural laxative. Chayote may seem dull, but it is low in calories
and rich in water. Besides that, it has fiber that helps control
the sugar levels in blood and keep the heart healthy, besides having vitamins A, C, and
B complex (folate, tiamin, riboflavin, and pridoxine), calcium, iron, phosphorus, magnesium,
zinc and others, and also antioxidants. Curcumin is not a green ingredient, and will
make your juice yellowish. With anti-inflammatory properties, it is great
to prevent arthritis, and even slow down Alzheimer’s. Besides these ingredients, cabbage, lemon
and spinach are also part of this delicious and refreshing recipe. Cabbage and lemon are antioxidants and rich
in vitamin C, helping eliminate fat, preventing degenerative diseases and fighting against
premature skin aging. Spinach, thanks to its nutrients, prevents
hair loss and alleviates pains. Are you interested? Check out the ingredients of this green and
turmeric juice: Half of a green apple;
1 chayote, no seeds and chopped; 1 piece of turmeric root;
5 leaves of cabbage; 1 lemon, squeezed;
1 bunch of spinach, chopped; Directions Start by putting the chayote and apple in
a blender or food processor, and blend it until it becomes gooey. Then, add the cabbage leaves, no stalks, and
turmeric. Blend until the bigger pieces are broken down. And it’s ready! If you want, you can strain the juice before
drinking it. Or just drink right away. So, did you like this recipe? If you have tried it, tell us what you think!

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  1. I love this videos is about healthy juices and it's so good for healthy lifestyle forever! I enjoying your videos so much as friendly!☺️❤️

  2. I'm sooo confused, why do I see and hear 2 sides for spinach… Some say it's good others like Dr. Sebi says it's not good… Like wtf I like both of y'all 😭😭😭

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