Faisalabad ka Nashta | Bengali ki Lassi & Cholay Bhature | Pakistani Street Food

Faisalabad ka Nashta | Bengali ki Lassi & Cholay Bhature | Pakistani Street Food

Salam my name is Zia Tabarak & right now I’m in Faisalabad. It’s an amazing morning & on our viewers’ recommendation… …we’re going to Pak Sweets for breakfast. After our breakfast we’ll be going to Faisalabad’s Clock Tower. There’s Bengali Lassi at the Clock Tower roundabout which is really famous. We’ll explore the market there as well & take you with us. Chalain! Right there is Pak Sweets… …and right infront of it is this Murgh Chana stall (Chicken & Chickpeas). Salam! How are you. What items do you have? chickpeas, haleem, Dal & vegetables. Everything is on this tiny cart. Can you show it please? That’s haleem for breakfast. And what’s in these? These are Dal & Zarda(traditional sweet made from rice) This is Pulao. He’s also has Pulao. That’s great! That’s the stock(broth) for it. So Pak sweets is right there & we’ll go there too… …but right outside of it is Arshad’s stall… …and he has different variety of food items. So I recommend you, whenever you visit Pak Sweets, to visit this stall as well. This is Pak sweets. Let’s go inside & see what’s happening. Salam how are you. I’ve heard that you’re breakfast is really famous here? What’s so special about this place that you’re so famous? We provide quality food with great taste & that’s why people like us so much. Great. What do you have for breakfast? We have Halwa Puri, Bhatura, Paya, Nihari. Bhatura Chanay? Yes. Other than that we have naan chana & murgh chana (chana masala). Ok now we shall go towards the kitchen. Yeah sure it’s right behind the counter. So these are the breakfast items. This is Murgh Chana (Chana masala). Special Halwa. Ok Chana (chickpeas) for Puri are kept separately from Murgh Chana. Here is the Achaar(Pickles) & Tarkari. Salad & Yogurt. This Paya is of goat legs? Yes it is. And this is Nihari. Puri’s are being made here. They’re pretty big in size compared to normal Puri. Yes we do prepare them bigger. This is Bhatura? Yes that’s Bhatura. What’s the difference b/w Bhatura & Puri? Bhatura is made from Urad gram, Cumin & Black Pepper… …and it’s much more tasty. The larger one is Bhatura & the other one’s a Puri For how long you’ve been working here? I’ve been here since 2010. You’ve been here for 9-10 years. What’s the secret of your Halwa & other items that they’re so famous. First of all it’s Gods blessing… …secondly we work really hard to ensure that we provide best quality food. Our breakfast is here and… …we have Puri, Bhatura… …and Chickpeas. Veggies, Yogurt & some Salad & Achaar with it. Just got the Paya’s served. Paya looks really delicious. These are acutally goat legs. I like the Naan’s they serve here. Not just because of its design… …but also the Sesame seeds they sprinkle on top of it. We’ll start off with the Bhatura. Chole Bhaturay. Some Achaar with it & onions on top. I’m trying this for the first time because I didn’t see them anywhere else. So let’s find out how it actually is. Really nice! The gravy of these Chickpeas kind of tastes like Paya which really unique… …because usually they don’t have any taste like that. Now I’ll try some Halwa with this Puri. Halwa is good too. Not extraordinarily sweet… …and gives a really nice taste with Puri. I also think they’ve made this in Desi Ghee. Overall the taste is great. I like the Bhatura’s a lot because it’s a unique item. Atleast it’s unique for me because I’ve never had Bhatura before. They’ve given some Yogurt & Potatoes on the side as well. Some chickpeas, potatoes & Achaar on top. And in the end some onions. The yogurt really enhanced the taste of this. I really like it. These are the Paya’s. Just took a chunk of meat in this bite. Paya’s are good too, but comparatively I liked Bhatura’s, Puri & Chana more. And the Halwa was good too. So they’ve given us a glass of Lassi to try it out. After all this breakfast we’ll be trying this out as well. And as I said before this type of glass is my favorite. Let’s try their Lassi as well. The real way of drinking Lassi is without the straw. So I’ll put this straw aside & drink it directly from the glass. The real essence of drinking Lassi is to directly drink it from the glass. That’s what I think. It’s great. It has a nice layer of butter on top. It’s thick. It’s sweet but not too much sweet. Overall a nice combo of Milk & Yogurt. The breakfast setup at Pak Sweets is pretty big & I haven’t seen anything like it yet. So if you ever come to Faisalabad, having breakfast at Pak Sweets is a must. Now we’ll move towards Faisalabad Clock Tower & see what’s happening there. Chalain! The thing about this Clock Tower is there are 8 different bazaars around it. Total 8 bazaars just like this “Jhang Bazaar” infront of us. There are boards in front of every street. This is Jhang Bazaar & the next one is Bhawana Bazaar. And then there’s an Amin Bazaar. These are 8 different streets & each street has a different bazaar. So you must visit this place whenever you come to Faisalabad. What’s this? Sattu? Is this Sattu? No it’s made from Lemon peel, Almonds & Chia seeds. There are clothing shops everywhere. Faisalabad is famous for it’s textile. It’s the hub for all of this. Can you explain a little bit? Our textile is really famous. People from the entire country buy clothing from us. Right im front of the Clock Tower is Ludhiana Sweet Shop. Made from pure desi ghee. These are made from desi ghee? Yes they are. How old is this place? The owner of this shop named it after Ludhiana when he came here. So this was setup in 1945? Yes. They’re from Indian city Ludhiana. There sweets are pretty good. Which item is their best? Their Gulab Jamun is pretty good. The shop is located near the Clock Tower. It’s pretty small but really old. So he has given us their Gulab Juman to try it out because it’s pretty famous. This looks pretty good. Let’s try it. Gulab Jamun from Ludhiana Sweets. Really nice. It tastes really good & you can smell the desi ghee in it. If you’re at Faisalabad’s Clock Tower then do checkout Ludhiana Sweets as well. After our breakfast at Pak Sweets we’re now at the Clock Tower. All the clothing & other different shops are open now. Everything is in it’s full swing. And right in front of me is Bengali Milk Shop & people are going there for the Lassi. So I’ll try it out as well & give you guys the review. This looks really amazing. Just added Yogurt. Milk was already in it. Also check out this Malai it looks really good. This Lassi has just been prepared & it’s being served from here. People are constantly coming here. What’s the special thing about your Lassi that it’s so famous? Nothing special, we just use Pure MIlk. We don’t add water or anything in our Lassi. So you don’t anything else except Pure Milk & Yogurt. Exactly. This entire bucket is of Yogurt. This layer of Malai on top shows how delicious this Lassi will be. Just check this out! It’s actually a pretty big mug. Usually it’s served in a glass. That glass is big too but this is like a mini jug. It’s only Rs. 70 and I’ve seen that they don’t add water or any other additives. So let’s try Faisalabad’s famous Bengali Lassi. This is absolutely fantastic! It’s pretty sweet & really frothy as well. There’s thick layer of butter on top of this Lassi. So if you’re at Faisalabad Clock Tower you must check out Bengali’s Lassi. So this concludes our today’s tour of Faisalabad… …and I hope you liked the breakfast & lassi of Faisalabad. If you did then be sure to Like, Comment & Share & follow me on Instagram. I’ll see you guys in the next episode. Allah Hafiz. [Passer-by ranting about the hot weather.]

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