EXTREME Iran Street Food Tour in Tehran, Iran! 500 KG LAMB PLATE + 7 INSANE Street Food in Iran!

EXTREME Iran Street Food Tour in Tehran, Iran! 500 KG LAMB PLATE + 7 INSANE Street Food in Iran!

100 thoughts on “EXTREME Iran Street Food Tour in Tehran, Iran! 500 KG LAMB PLATE + 7 INSANE Street Food in Iran!”

  1. Persian food is AMAZING! Huge thanks to Mr.Taster https://www.instagram.com/mr.taster for bringing us to all of these INCREDIBLE locations! And huge thanks to http://www.cometopersia.com for helping arrange such an amazing trip to Iran! Please click that bell notification button down below and make sure to watch all the way until the end because this video has some INSANELY delicious food! Thanks so much for watching!

  2. Dude at least try not to have food hanging from your mouth when you're being filmed! It's so eewww. It's not the first time I see that in your videos that's why I bothered to comment on that

  3. The food is excellent

    The people are lovely

    The problem in Iran is the regime that kills civilians and spends billions of dollars

    About hate wars unrelated to this wonderful people …

    We in Israel have nothing against the Iranian people and I am sure that the Iranian people also do not understand why his regime hates us so much …

    Let's hope that the regime is changed and we will return to the days of peace between nations …

  4. Greetings to the whole world, especially to you who are energetic and funny!

    These dishes are unfortunately not for the general public and are only for people who are flattered by the government!

    Ordinary people are in a difficult situation and I swear to buy 1 pair of shoes you have to walk for 1 year …!

  5. superb food ranger !you show us food treasures, across the globe,really variety of mouth watering food out there in iran too…GOD bless your belly

  6. This is the one of the best videos I have seen in food such a rich culture heritage and food and people…more love more respects and more insights from India …never the opinion of Iran would be same again once u watch this one ..how ignorant self guided and motivated media can be but Truth prevails love from India ….fabatabulos video …simply superb

  7. I love Iran and the Iranian nation thay are a proud nation living with proud and dignity although all world put sanctions on them Long live Iran 🇮🇷 Love from Pakistan 🇵🇰

  8. I love Iranian homemade food ❤️and I did try some of those foods a round 17 years ago when I used to live in Tehran and I am from Afghanistan but living in London now.Hopefully one day visit again.🙏

  9. إيران جميلة ولديها تاريخ يمتدّ لآلاف السِّنين

    أود حقًّا زيارتها لولا الخلافات السِّياسية .. محبّكم من السعوديّة SA

    Iran is a beautiful country and has a history that stretches for thousands of years
    I would really like to visit it where it not for the political differences .. Greetings from Saudi Arabia

  10. i enjoyed the kindness and hospitality and rich culture of Iranian people, , food is so great and delicious. enjoyes every second of this video.

  11. Iran is a beautiful country that I want to visit. I never thought it will look like that. Everyone is so nice and your food look amazing and delicious. Greetings from Saudi Arabia and I pray for peace between our countries 🇸🇦❤️🇮🇷

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  13. ايران لديها مفاعلات نووية لكن ان يكون لديها اطعمة ومطاعم نووية علمت بذالك بعد هذا الفديو
    لو تحسنت العلاقات العالمية والعربية الايرانية فستكون طهران الوجهة السياحية الأولى دون منافس ولاتحتاج نووي ولابترول
    😵😍ماهذة اللحوم والكوارع والأكلات😍 اللذيذة والرمان والزعفران والشعب المضياف

  14. I'm from Hyderabad(India) Haleem is one of my favorite dish I thought every Muslim knows about haleem and when I was in Delhi and other states those muslims don't know Haleem and its so shocking. Plus in Delhi I tried Hyderabadi biryani it was just fried rice and chicken piece. In hyderabad we have lots of varieties in food like we have south Indian plus persian type food as our hyderabad was ruled by Nawabs.

  15. Very beautiful and wonderful I am traveled to fifty times but I did not have these places the next time you will go for the same titles

  16. Do you eat khoresht khalal(خورشت خلال کرمانشاهی kermanshahi?
    It's the best food in the world
    And you just eat it in kermanshah

  17. These foods belong to the affluent part of Iranian society. Many Iranians do not have money to buy bread.

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