(ENG SUB)[EP02] 트와이스 출첵라이브 2부 (TWICE Inkigayo Check-in LIVE)_몸으로 말해요&순발력대결&먹방&실시간 Q&A

(ENG SUB)[EP02] 트와이스 출첵라이브 2부 (TWICE Inkigayo Check-in LIVE)_몸으로 말해요&순발력대결&먹방&실시간 Q&A

Let’s keep changing Let’s go, we can! Ready, start! (Answer: Geumgangsan Island after meal) Pass it Tell me What is this, this is! Don’t say it! I can only read Korean I don’t understand I really want to help you, I’m sorry (Answer: Bigger belly than belly.) navel? Big belly! Belly button Am I not really good now? Pass, pass, pass! No, I can do this Pass it ~ Pass! (Answer: Shrimp’s back bursts between the whale fight) I’m explaining so well Sister, you’re doing well Oh, I don’t know that Whales fight Pops up This is the right answer. I need to talk to you Fighting? Say it like a proverb! This must be correct! Whale bursts I can do this Let’s change It’s finished Didn’t you get one problem? You can’t hit it! This is too This was so bad It’s okay, because we were funny What was your disadvantage? So how many problems did you have? 1 problem? Our prediction was right. Then shall we look at the mission penalty? One, two, three! Then shall we proceed to the next corner? The next corner is the highlight game of TV Live. Quickness Confrontation! The rules of the game are simple. If you look here, there are hammers and pots We did this, right? The rock-paper-scissors beat the head of a fast-paced person Rematch if blocked If yes, the next person on the team will come out and play. In this game, the winning team has a prize. The production staff prepared delicious food for us. Let’s see what kind of food it is. Please come in ~ what? Cheese pork cutlet! Cheese Tteokbokki! Suddenly hungry You have to eat it when it’s warm Let’s eat quickly Start fast to eat fast Which team should we start? From the people sitting at both ends I’m scared Let’s get started right away Now, ready start! Rock Paper Scissors! -Didn’t you lose?
-Yes, I lost. Tzuyu comes out Rock Paper Scissors! Rock Paper Scissors! Is it a machine? Rock Paper Scissors! Rock Paper Scissors! What did I do hard? If you win, you hit it with this? Rock Paper Scissors! What? Are you sure? This will happen! Do you only eat the winning team? Huh Do you only eat the winning team? No way. Rock Paper Scissors! Is it my turn? Wait a minute! Rock Paper Scissors! What is this ~ I’m scared, leader! Oh, it hurts! Isn’t this too much? Do you do this? Rock Paper Scissors! Why did you hit me? Rock Paper Scissors! Why are you keeping up ?! Rock Paper Scissors! I’m scared! Rock Paper Scissors! Wait, I’m so nervous that I can’t! I’m about to vomit Do you want to eat red ginseng one by one? Rock Paper Scissors! This is a win Did you win? Win Then just win I was scared … Do you want to eat? Yeah I’ll give you a bite No, I’ll give you something left over. I was hit a lot, so I decided to eat one. Please appeal to us I have a lot of questions Do you have any special items or foods that you think are special? Specially? food? There is me! I received a sign in a cell phone case from PD Park Jin-young! It’s food No, there are things. That is precious I have something precious Our members wrote a letter for their birthday! Rolling Paper? lie! That’s a real lie You don’t even know where it is No, still perfect for the room! I can see it well Next question “21:29” is the first song that all members co-wrote. What do you think? Sing a word for each part you wrote! Chaeyoung is ready Please call me a word I have the lyrics, hold on The lyrics are here? ♬ You are my thanks ♬ next! ♬ You are my everything ♬ Was it here, my part? I have one before that Please call Jihyo’s part as well I carry this in my usual bag! Do you have anything? Doesn’t people carry around? Do you have nutrition in your bag? There’s a lot of nutrients What is it? I haven’t carried my bag lately. I have my polaroid picture Do you love yourself very much? Momo has jelly. Recently, I dropped my bag from work. There was jelly Jelly is soft! It’s all on the camera What’s in Chaeyoung’s bag? In the bag … Nothing Nothing! If Chaeyoung says, why are you so upset today? No ~ No ~ There is me! wet tissue! Manager oppa, I felt the wipes are special when no sisters So I got wet wipes yesterday too Manager, are you telling your brothers to take care of your wipes? I’m in my bag now Do you have Dahyun? I am Glasses and … I really need it With lens Looks like you left your glasses in the car yesterday? Yes, I left my glasses in the car. Please read the next question Show me the special look and feel of Twice! Then shall we go? Do we want to do the last pose together? I think we’ve finished the question. Unfortunately, it’s time to finish the live show. How did everyone live today? It’s been a long time since I played a lot of games It’s a fight Really? I think I should! How about Jungyeon? It was so fun How about me? It was so fun. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it. I think it’s my favorite It was so good that we had a great time But it’s not the end here You can meet our stage at SBS popular song Will you give me a home shooter? And please look forward to TWICE’s direct cam at SBS KPOP PLAY, where live performances are going on. Then shall we finally say hello? So far, One in a million! It was Twice, thank you! Hi ~

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  1. I'm so jealous, they are so freakin' hot……ight imma accept that i'm gae

  2. Dude, Momo makes me so nervous everytime she bends over in front of the camera. Not being a perv or anything, especially with the Sulli incident, I was just worried that something unnecessary might happen.

  3. The maknae line are so prim and proper here while their unnies are being dorks 😂 I cant stop smiling the whole video 🥰

  4. 꿀잼이었다 트와이스 싸우지 말고 화목하게 오래오래 활동했음 좋겠다

  5. 트와이스는 언제 까지 계속 이뻐지냐 너무 좋다♡♡ 그리고 우튜브도 많이 바뀠다 보다가 끄면 다시 들어가서 보면 봣던데 부터 시작 되고 ㅎㅎ

  6. 트와이스 나오는 예능은 언제나 재미어요…근데왜 공중파 케이블예능 안나와요,,좀 나와요 공연만하지말고.여행프로잼나던데

  7. This is real dahyun like tzuyu said…she is quiet girl..dahyun u last pose feel special..r u sleepy🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Jeongyeon asking Chaeyoung why she look upset?

    Let me answer it… Because Minari was not there 😭😭😭 #WeMissYouMina #WeLoveYouMina #GetWellSoonMinari💚🐧

  9. If you pauze the video on the impact of jihyo's hits you would see the face you would see if you where slain by park jihyo

  10. La señorita SANA sé ve súper guapísima .

  11. 나연은 설명 잘하는구만 정연이가 너무 못맞추네 웃길려고 하는게 아니라 진짜 속담 자체를 잘 모르는듯 ㅋㅋ

  12. Jeongyeon so cute 😂😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭😭😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️❤️💚💚💚💜💜💜💜👏🏻👏🏻

  13. 시기적절한 내용들만 나왔군요……. 한일 관계는 사람들끼리 좋은데. 왜 모자란 정부들때문에 어색해져야하나요?

  14. 9:36 She just ate the food off the chopsticks yet did it in the gayest way possible with that stare😶 …..It's sending me something but can't put my finger on it ….😞
    Classic Sanake 🐍 😊😂

  15. 예전에는 얘네 팀분위기가 정말 좋았던거 같은데 요즘은 무슨일이 있는건지 예전만 못한거 같다 트와이스 멤버끼리 어디 여행이라도 보내줘라

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