Easy way to change hydroponic nutrients

Easy way to change hydroponic nutrients

this is my Jamaican Hot Chocolate it’s looking way better than it did a month or so ago i’ve been changing the nutrients out on a regular basis it’s starting to get a lot of little pods forming so what I’ve been doing is i’ve got a bucket within a bucket and the internal bucket has a bunch of holes in it and so when I change the nutrient solution I just add three gallons to an empty bucket and I lift this up and let it drain for a second and move it over to a new one i’ve been doing that every two weeks and it seems to be working out really well i may need to increase that or starting adding some back in in between weeks because it’s consuming a lot more now than it did since it gotten so much bigger see the trunk on here looks pretty good it’s over a year old and I plan to put it out into a very large kratky setup as soon as it’s warm enough see how big it’ll get and how well it produces anyway, let me go ahead just demonstrate how i’ve been doing this i think it’s a good system probably wouldn’t be ideal for large setup, but just for individual containers i think it works really well hi this is Peter Stanley i mentioned before i’m gonna show how i change out my nutrients it’s a real easy way and what i like about this system is it doesn’t disturb the roots the airstone, actually i’ve got two air stones in here in the bottom the roots i don’t have to disturb any of that with this pour the new solution in the clean bucket move it over i’ve been doing three gallons at a time. i’ve already pre-mixed these I’ll go ahead and add that careful not to hit the light but i’ll lift this up you can see where the holes are, roots starting to come through. this is a the bucket I used with the large Kratky, was the large net pot i just reused that [bubbles sound] and from looking at the other bucket it’s um move this back looks like I need to add a gallon in between I’m changing out every two weeks i’ll probably need to add a gallon on the week that I’m not changing it so the nutrient solution is down to here so it looks like it’s using about a gallon a week i guess anyway thats how i do it it seems to be working really well hope you liked that thanks for watching and please like, comment, subscribe

14 thoughts on “Easy way to change hydroponic nutrients”

  1. I think I might reconfigure to this method next season. I can reuse all my pots. Seems easier to run an airstone in them , then pumping/recirculating from pot to tank

  2. You should just use a central res thats connected to both buckets then you just have to change the res and not mess with moving trees. It doesnt look like you need to worry about residue much from what you're using.

  3. Necessity, the mother of all invention,and this is genius, one of the reasons I didn't like dwc ,was the nutrients change, now I'll have to give it a second run at it,thanks ,like most other inventions ,it's so simple and right in front of you,and we always say geeeeee why didn't I think of that,ha ha ha

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