Dog Diseases: Prevention & Treatment : How to Detect Antifreeze Poisoning in Pets

My name is Dr. Endre Sos, and I will tell
you shortly how to detect antifreeze poisoning in dogs. Antifreeze antifreeze poisoning is
a very, very dangerous situation in dogs, so never allow your pet drink from puddles
can be found for example under cars. In the freezing weather if you find water which is
not frozen it’s surely contaminated by a ant, by an anti-freezer, and most probably Ethylene
glycol is the one which is used. So, if you watch your dog, or if you see your dog drinking
from these puddles or consuming antifreezer, immediately take it to the veterinarian. Otherwise,
there are certain symptoms which can lead to the diagnosis that the dog was swallowed
antifreeze poisoning; like vomiting, listlessness, weaving, sometimes just the smell of the anti-freezer.
If you consider or you diagnose any of these, immediately take into action, because after
twelve hours very often the changes, especially in the kidney can be fatal, or very often
fatal because these are un-irreversible changes. So, the most important thing to prevent consuming
anti-freezer, but if you just realized that the dog swallowed anti-freezer the most important
thing in this case; the short time frame to ask your veterinarian for help.

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