Digestion / Dr. Vipin Gupta

Digestion / Dr. Vipin Gupta

Poo is called ‘gu’ in hindi and ‘pakhana’ in urdu there are many words but urdu has done the best by connecting ‘pakhana’ (poo)
with ‘khana’ (food) which is correct as
poo comes from food it’s food’s next stage another urdu word ‘pakiza’ which means beautiful and pious so if pa + kiza means beautiful and pious then what would pa + khana(food)
mean atleast it’s not as scornful as poo or gu so today’s episode is about how we change our attitude towards
pakhana (poo) it is said emotion
comes from motion who is world’s
most glad person? that who comes out of the
toilet successfully. many of us come
half-incomplete not even sure whether
it got done or not have to go or not,
whether to go twice or thrice? confusion goes on,
which later turns into constipation the constipation turns into
piles or into irritable bowel
syndrome that at every important moment,
you feel like going I would say a good poop is not only crucial for
physical health but also emotional
and spiritual health and 4 factors have
messed up our poop Firstly, deficiency of fibre
in food For a good poop,
30-50 gram fibre is required daily and most are eating 10-15 we are stuck in the
idea of easy digestible food we are eating over-cooked
and almost digested food food should be such that it
spends some time in the gut and get processed,
and shouldn’t get completely digested something should be left to
come out. Second factor is that
many of us are drinking RO or bottled water The TDS of RO/bottled water
is less less than 100 This low TDS water gets absorbed quickly by the body doesn’t stay in the gut and when water doesn’t stay in gut,
then poop becomes hard So if you want good poop, then water should be 300-350 TDS So either you drink normal water or add equal amount of
normal water to RO water it will make good poop Thirdly, our intestinal muscles
have become weak Those who sit too much or get a belly, their
intestines start weakening The weak intestinal muscles
do not make a good motion Without a good motion half-incomplete stuff comes out,
or gets stuck Excellent poo is that which
comes out easily one piece poo of small pieces is weak Fourth factor is the
western commode Nature has built a
lock in our intestines This lock exist so that our poop doesn’t fall out
while walking and this lock properly opens
only when we sit squatting indian style sitting on western commode
opens the lock only halfway then half the stuff comes out,
matter remains incomplete It took west 200 years to
realize their toilet design is faulty Now they are adding attachments
to their toilets to sit in squat like squatty potty and we are leaving our
better indian design for the western one Now let me talk of
some commercial matter we know that poop is a
bad thing can makes us dirty and sick but now new findings are coming which are complete opposite. poop of healthy people is
being used for treatment of diseases and now it is being fed
to sick people yes! really it;’s being fed medically it’s known as
FMT which means fecal microbiota transplantation(FMT) in which effectively
poop is fed either given through a capsule
via mouth but if there is hesitation then it is given from behind
via enema or endoscopy 50 gram of Healthy poop
is being sold for upto 250 dollars This is another benefit
of being healthy that your daily poop
is worth 300-600 dollars Did this change your perspective? Summary: 1.emotion from motion
2. confusion to constipation
to piles to IBS daily 30-50 gram fibre
water>300 TDS
2 hour labour, indian toilet

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  1. Bohot hi interesting…. main to har baar ek vedio complete hote hi dusre vedio k intejaar me rahta hu… thank u so much

  2. वाह विपिन भाई अच्छा नया बिजनस बताया है यह सही है।

  3. सर, तिल और अन्य तिलहन का सत्तू या और किस तरह प्रयोग कर सकते है
    क्या आप रेसिपी साझा कर सकते हैं।

  4. आज इसे देख कर ज्ञान भी मिला और खूब हंसी भी आई😁 धन्यवाद विपिन जी

  5. बहुत ही महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी के लिए शुक्रिया

  6. I have practiced self-urine therapy, but potty therapy is a little too bizarre…
    Though I am only sharing my feelings and not doubting..

  7. He's correct.. see this article..

  8. also of concern is lot of laxative use,isabgul,kayam churna and alot others, which consumed for long time has adverse effects on motion

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