Digestion (A Parody of Maroon 5’s Sugar)

I’m hungry, baby I’ll break you down I need nutrition-ition; I need it now When I’m malnourished, I’m something weak You got me begging, begging, I’m on my knees Saliva secreted by glands has amylase to catalyze starch Before bolus is swallowed Oh, baby Moving right through the pharynx Epiglottis directs to esophagus Peristalsis to my stomach Stomach! Functions! Temporarily store ingested food Digest some, of proteins Kills bacteria while it’s at it, too Yeah food gives me nutrition makes me survive need some carbohydrates in my life Proteins break down not by pepsinogen but pepsin My empty stomach (pro)teins fill it up mix gastric juices ‘n mucus ‘teins have it comin’ Hydrochloric acid Lowers tum’s pH which activates the pepsin mucus protects (the stomach lining) After passing the pyloric sphincter Chyme enters the small intestine Nutrients absorbed by villi Oh baby It’s important for the intestine lining to have a high surface area to ensure maximum absorbtion Nutrients absorbed here Pass through veins to get to livers Oh nutrients, that I need Water, salts, and vitamins (absorbed in the large intestine) Yeah food gives me nutrition makes me survive Supplies me with energy for my life Acidity Triggers Secretion of digestive enzymes I got that pancreas I got those enzymes Lipase, Amylase, Trypsin Lipase helps with fat digestion Bile has a bunch of stuff Salts, Phosphos, Cholesterol Created in the liver, and stored in the bladder of gall Bile emulsifies the fat Seperates from H2O Keeps it from clumping Helps the process Called Digestion Yes, please It helps our metabolic things Keeps us living ‘Cause we need little food and digested treats Yeah you show me nutrition Make me survive Need some carbohydrates in my life Sugar! That I need! Won’t you come and digest in me? Sorry about the singing XD

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