Day 6: Master Your Digestion – The Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya

Day 6: Master Your Digestion – The Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya

(soft tranquil music) – Sat Nam and welcome to day six. Today we’ll dealing
with our digestive tract and the digestive system overall. We’ll be intensifying the whole process so that our body becomes much more vibrant and the metabolism is stronger. When we have a slow,
sluggish digestive system, it is very common for us to get a cold or to get a flu or to catch
any virus floating around. When the body’s balanced and the digestive system functions properly, then we feel much more energized, stronger and our immune
system is stronger. So let’s begin, rub our hands together. Hold them at the sternum, inhale deep, exhale. And inhale to begin. ♪ Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo ♪ ♪ Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo ♪ ♪ Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo ♪ Inhale, raise the hands up. Make an intention for this practice, to experience the divinity of your being. And exhale. So let’s begin, we are
going to lie on our tummies and we’re gonna do what
we call the locust pose. So we’re gonna bring
the fingers into a fist. And that fist is going to come
on the bones of your hips, so as we lie down, we bring the fists and the knees, we’re gonna lay down the head and raise our legs up. And we gonna begin long deep breathing. (soft guitar music and soothing waves) Feeling the pressure in the groins. And also engaging the tummy
muscles and the lower back. (soft guitar music and soothing waves) Keep the breath long and deep, all the way into the belly and the groins. (soft guitar music and soothing waves) Keep breathing long and deep. (soft guitar music and soothing waves) And inhale, now stretch up, hold the breath in, exhale. Relax on the tummy. (soft guitar music and soothing waves) And come up, you gonna come sitting onto our heels as always. If you feel like this is
not supportive enough, you can always use a pillow and place it underneath the buttock. So for this one, we’re going to create like a little pointers with our fingers so all of the fingers come together, and they form this
little point of pressure. And each of these points we going to press into the two sides of the tummy. As we press, we’re going to lean forward come all the way down. Essentially coming to a baby pose. Feeling the pressure right into the tummy. This will release any tension
in the digestive system and it will also stimulate
the entire digestive tract. So pressing in and coming down. And we begin breath of fire. (soft tranquil music) (repeatedly fast staccato breathing) Keep going, you’re almost there. (soft tranquil music) And inhale, hold the breath in. Exhale, keep that posture, don’t come out. We’re going to be
inhaling through the nose and we gonna exhale through
the teeth in a snake breath. So the tongue presses into the teeth and we create the sound of– (hissing) So we gonna inhale through the nose, exhale snake breath (hissing). (medium tempo music) Keep going (hissing). (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) (hissing) And inhale hold the breath in, squeeze the root lock. Holding the pelvic floor tight. Exhale. Slowly come up. And just remain here for a second, adjusting the spine. Notice– the warm and the fire
built into the belly. And now we gonna continue with Sat Kriya. So we have release the pressure
and the tension in the belly and we’re now going to raise the energy up so we can burn whatever’s
left on the toxins. So hands up, hugging the ears, palms together, hands are straight, chin is slightly tucked in, and we begin. (soft tranquil music) (chanting in a foreign language) Inhale– holding the breath in, squeeze the root lock, push that energy up, through the spine all the way up. (tranquil music) Exhale, hold the posture. Inhale again. Hold. Exhale, one more time. Inhale, hold. Exhale and swipe the aura with your hands touching the floor. And coming to easy pose. Placing the hands in yog mudra. Or you can put them into
a circle in front of you. We going to enter into
deep meditation here. So close the eyes and go within. (soft tranquil music) And we going to– stay aware of our breath, ebbing and flowing
throughout our whole body. And with every breath in, body expands. And every breath out, we release any tension left. On the inhale we let, on the exhale, we let go. Mind remains focused and still. Eyes are focused with the third eye, between the eyebrows. The jaw is relaxed, chin is slightly tucked in. Shoulders are relaxed away from the ears. Spine is straight. And the whole body
becomes neutral and still. (soft tranquil music) And inhale. Exhale and let’s rub our
hands together to tune up. Place them in the sternum, inhale. ♪ Sat Nam ♪ ♪ Sat Nam ♪ ♪ Sat Nam ♪ Sat Nam. (tranquil music)

19 thoughts on “Day 6: Master Your Digestion – The Kundalini Yoga Weight Loss Challenge w/ Mariya”

  1. I finished my 40 days. I reverted back to this one because my stomach was off. No joke, this practice made it go away. Thank you Mariya.

  2. I should have realised the first position is contradindicated for hiatus hernia so I'm feeling uncomfortable now, silly me. Will know to do my own thing if it comes up again. Mistakes are indicators of growth!

  3. thank you so much for this. I really cannot afford to go to a kundalini yoga school were I live. Is it safe to just do individual cycles ? I suffer from massive problems with my digestion

  4. Sat Nam, this is Mariya.Before you begin, SIGN UP to the program for daily emails here:
    I want to congratulate you on taking this step to transform your body and mind. This program has helped so many people in all aspects of their lives, so take it seriously and practice to the best of your abilities. Most importantly, enjoy yourself. You will balance not only your weight but also your entire body, your metabolism and digestion as well as calm the mind and get rid of stress. It works miracles despite the short duration of the kriyas.
    Hope you enjoy this journey. Don't forget to share your experiences and if in doubt always ask your questions. I will respond as soon as I can.
    May the long time sun shines upon you
    All love surrounds you
    And the pure light within you
    Guide your way on!

  5. I'm enjoying this course but as a newcomer to Kundalini would really appreciate more guidance with regard to the positions. breathing etc.

  6. I have a question, is it normal to get a sinus infection, after this practice? I feel like I m releasing.

  7. Such a great practice! I feel so amazing, especially in my low back area! Sat Nam kriya with the following meditation is especially lovely. SAT Nam!

  8. It's amazing how some of these poses can be easy one day and a struggle the next, thanks for helping me keep my body in shape.


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