Dania Beach Ocean Park Sand Nourishment & Beach Revitalization

Good morning. This is Mayor Lori
Lewellen from Dania Beach and I’m here with Vice Mayor Lauren Odman and
Commissioner Tamara James and we’re here to talk to you today about the beach
renourishment project and about the revitalization project going on down at
the beach. It is Dania Beach so our beach is very
important to us. We have lots of tourists as well as residents that come here to
see our beaches. We’re out here on this beautiful beautiful beach day. The sun is
out, the waves are perfect and we’re just taking a look at what’s going on with
Dania’s Beach area today. I think you all want to really know what’s going on
down here in Dania Beach so I’ll talk a little bit about the project that’s
going on that we’re getting a hundred and twenty five thousand cubic yards of
sand in the surrounding communities to renourish some of the sand that’s been
lost through the beach erosion and some of our storms that’s been happening. So
we have a hundred twenty-five thousand cubic yards of sand that are being it’s
being brought down to Dania Beach as well as Hallandale and Hollywood to help
renourish the beach. Turtle nesting season has started so the Army Corps of
Engineers along with some other volunteers are going to be monitoring
the area heavily to look for signs of nesting turtles and making sure that
while we do our improvements we are also being environmentally responsible which
is very important to me and I know the rest of the Commission and many of our
residents. In addition to that we’ve got some other revitalization projects going
on in the parking lot where they’re gonna be changing around the entrance
ways, the parking lot itself. It’s going to look like a whole new area
down here on Dania Beach. Another thing that our residents and our tourists
could look forward to is FPL burying these lines on our beach. What a
beautiful sight it’ll be to see when you come down and you don’t have to look at
these big poles with these lines on it they will be buried thanks to the
commission and thanks to FPL for really making this happen.
It’s really going to get the beach ready for spring and summer so we are gonna
have everyone out here and I’m just so excited for how things are gonna look
and have our beach back to looking as beautiful as we all know it to be. And
let’s talk about the marina. We’re one of the few cities in the state of Florida
that has a marina on our beach so imagine coming, parking your boat and
walking across the parking lot to sand to be able to enjoy the beach. This is
something that I think makes us very unique and we are a little gem nestled
in between two major cities but we are making a big mark. Our marina down here
on the beach is one of many marinas that we have in the city but the one on the
beach actually is generally pretty full most of the time so it’s obviously very
popular and a good place to go and bring your boat. Interestingly about Dania
Beach, we have a little bit of a different kind of Beach than the rest of
South Florida we’ve it’s a smaller beach but it’s much more natural, got more of a
natural environment it looks a little more wild than you will see at most
beaches We also have Quarterdeck
which is right out on the pier that has beautiful views of the beach. These are
all things that you could enjoy as a resident and as a tourist. It’s a really
fun place to be and I know that we all have our favorite things to do. Mayor Lewellen, what’s your favorite thing to do at the beach? we like to come down and go to the pier and check out the waves and everything from the pier.
We also frequent Quarterdeck and I actually like to come down here when
there’s a storm going on so it’s not really beach weather but it’s more
stormy because it’s beautiful when you look at it from Quarterdeck. You see
lightning and that sort of thing out there so you don’t always have to come
down here just when it’s sunny you can come down here when it’s raining as well. My
son’s favorite thing to do out here on the beach is practice football so he
comes out here with some of his volunteer coaches and they put cones
down and he gets a good workout in the sand. Since we don’t really and truly have
a winter, I urge you all to get in the gym so you can get summertime fine so we can put on our two-piece or our bikinis or our one pieces or whatever you’re
gonna wear so we can really come out and enjoy the beautiful weather that’s right
here in South Florida specifically right here in Dania Beach. I can’t wait to see everyone out at the beach so see you
in the water! Dania Beach is the perfect place to sea it live it love it

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