Convos With My 2-Year-Old – “Dinner Time” – EPISODE 1 – Season 2

(piano singsTwinkle Twinkle
Little Star
and goes off key) Are you going to eat that? Well, I was just thinking,
maybe, I could watchFerngully. Yeah. Maybe, after dinner,
we could all watchFerngully. Yeah, but…I want to watch it now. Well, we don’t really watch TV while we eat. But yesterday, when I ate my toast,
I watchedMegamind, remember? (mom) Yes. Yup. You’re right. We did. But we’re not going to do that anymore. Besides, this is a nice time for us to talk. Alright, we could talk aboutFerngully? Right. (clears throat) Like we
could talk aboutFerngully. (mom) So go ahead. Eat. Fine. So…tell me aboutFerngully. (mom clears throat) Okay. Um…so the trees were in trouble. (little “girl” clears throat) I have an idea. Uh, Coco? Where’re you going? I have to go over here. You have to eat your dinner. But I have to go. Where do you have to go? Well, if I have to tell you, I need to go
to the store to get some gas prices. I need to go to the store to buy a harmonica. I need to go to the store to buy some celery. Okay? Fine? I’m going to go now. (little “girl” sighs) Store was closed. [Want more? Go to Subtitle YouTube’s
Facebook page and make a personal request} Subtitles by the community

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