Chopped After Hours: Something Dumpling | Food Network

Chopped After Hours: Something Dumpling | Food Network

– Say when. When do I lift? You guys aren’t ready yet. [inaudible]. And– [clap] Oh!
Ooh. That hurt. So powerful. Friendly competition
and fantastic food generally results
when we let the judges do the cooking after hours. Uh-oh. Hey, this closed set. This is a closed set, sir. Sir. Security?
Oh. I brought some
friends with me. Oh, look who’s here. Oh my god. Mark, Amanda,
Geoffrey– dumplings. Isn’t that just a
fun word to say? Dumplings. Say it again. Say it again. Dumplings. Dumplings. That was the battle cry
from a special competition we had where the competitors
had to cook dumplings in every single round. Dumpling. Dumpling. In this appetizer
basket, you guys are going to be
working with pork bellies, Savoy cabbage,
black walnuts in syrup, and yuzu kosho. For me, I think, yuzu
kosho is delicious. It’s lemony. It’s spicy. I think we cook this down with
a little bit of a neutral oil and add this– it’s delicious. What else do you need?
– Pork. Oh. There’s this beautiful layer
of fat on this pork belly, and then there’s more fat
and a little more fat. I think it’s the
fat that I like. So what are you trying to say? It’s the fat that
you like, I think. Fat is flavor. Fat is flavor. So you get only 20 minutes. Time starts now. Oh. Oh, don’t push me. I’m hurt. [music playing] [chuckling] Now I’m gonna scram. OK. What else do I need? Calm, cool, collected. [groaning] – You all right?
– Oh. Where am I? Here? I’m in no rush. I’ve got plenty of time. Someone take my eggs? Someone stole my eggs. Oh, my gosh. Somebody stole your eggs? What are you looking for? Eggs. I– I feel bad. OK. They were behind
your food processor. Thank you. That’s very kind of you–
– Oh, my goodness. –ding dong. Ding dong? I guess I deserved that. All right, let’s do this. I’m making beggar’s purse. I’m using phyllo, filling
with pork belly, cabbage and the red yuzu kosho,
and then I’m making a sauce with the black walnut syrup. What you making, Geoffrey? A mess, obviously. You’re throwing
stuff on the floor. I’m doing a black walnut
roasted pork with a yuzu kosho gnudi, which is basically
eggs, ricotta, salt, pepper, mixed with Parmesan
cheese, ricotta, and then we’re going to
mix in some walnut syrup. Oh, my god. Oh. Ooh, not too much. The pork is right
over there braising. Oh, it’s beautiful. [sizzling] See how nicely this
Cleaver cuts, Ted? So I’m going to make
a pork fried dumpling with a cabbage slaw. I’ve got all my flavors
going down in here. I’ve got my pork, my onion,
my garlic, and my ginger, and probably should put a
little salt and pepper in there. Do we have pastry brushes? Anywhere? Anyone? Yes, we do, Amanda. I think they’re
near the blowtorch. [chopping] Hey, hey.
Mark. Mark. Giving me a headache. I can’t hear you, Ted. I couldn’t hear you at all. What’s the matter? What were you saying? [chopping]
What were you saying? Stop that. It’s driving me crazy. – What do you mean?
– Stop it. That noise is driving me crazy. Stop it. Stop it. All right, I got
to get back to it. [chuckling] All right, chefs. You’ve got 10 minutes left. I’m going to use black
walnut in my beggars purse. Why not? Just a little. Don’t over stuff. All right, ladies. I’m selling these dumplings. Don’t mind me. Don’t– don’t mind me, guys. [sizzling] I’m putting a little
bit of the red yuzu kosho in the cabbage slaw. I’m just sweating
down my cabbage with some onions and scallions. I think I need a little more. We’ll see how it goes. Wow, that’s strong stuff. [blowing raspberry] Make your life easy,
buy dumplings from me. – One of these?
– No, no. You got to pay for them.
– I don’t have any money! A dollar each.
A dollar each. I don’t have any money. Business isn’t
what it used to be. Cheers. Bye, guys. Ciao. Bye, Scotty. Making a pesto with basil,
yuzu, lemon, and a little bit of the– you guessed it– black walnut. Doesn’t that sounds
all just so good? Very delicate
operation over here. Can’t be nervous. Can’t drink too much coffee. Wee. Hey, Amanda. I’m sure you hear this all
the time, but nice dumplings. [giggles] – Ted, what do you think?
– Oh, why? Do you want to help me? Well– Mark had to think
about that for a second. I don’t know. Sometimes it’s just
easier to do it yourself. Look at this. Cabbage is delicious fried. I mean, come on. When you fry
something, it’s yummy. Guess what, guys? There are only two
minutes left, chefs. [oil bubbling] That’s kind of good. A little thin. I think it needs thickening. Should we use this? Would that work? I got my dumplings frying
and they’re coming out. Oh, yeah. That’s it. Judges, you’re on
your final minute. I put a little too much
of that spicy yuzu in, and it’s really too– too spicy. I’m trying to calm it down. Uh-oh. (ITALIAN ACCENT) I use
too much of the yuzu, eh. (ITALIAN ACCENT) Did
you use too much yuzu? Don’t use too much yuzu. Judges, I hate to
break it to you, but 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Times up. Please step back. Yay. All right. [applause] Oh, boy. We get to eat. [laughing] Madame. Oh, thank you, sir. Good eye. You guys had to work
with pork bellies, Savoy cabbage, black walnuts
in syrup, and yuzu kosho. Tell us what you made, Geoffrey. OK, I made a, um,
black walnut roasted pork belly with a yuzu kosho
gnudi and a fresh pesto with fried cabbage. Mm. Mm. You know my favorite part
about that is that pesto. Fudging delicious. Fudging. Mm. Pesto is aggressively garlicky
in a delicious, delicious way. There’s some spice. Salt is perfect. The belly just
melts in your mouth. The gnudi is fluffy. Yeah, I think the
balance between the pesto that you made with the
sweetness of the pork is just– it’s– it’s stupendous. It’s really, really delicious. That is beautiful. You should put
that on your menu. Thank you. Amanda, what do you have? OK, this is a beggar’s purse. [inaudible]. Can you hear this? Oh. Oh. Inside is one slice
of the black walnut. You have cabbage, pork belly
that’s been seared and also glazed with the red
yuzu kosho, and then I deglazed the cabbage
and the pork belly with a little rice wine vinegar. The rice wine vinegar
to me is the star of this, because
what that does is it bangs up against the phyllo. And the nut– the nuttiness
of the walnut that you used– it’s– it’s so delicious. Thin slice of walnut
in there, it’s delicious. I love the nuttiness of it. The texture, the
crunch of the phyllo. I love the sweetness the sour. I love your use of– your use of the yuzu kosho, just
that subtle little heat that could so easily be overused. Yeah. And I love the crunch. How can you go wrong? And it’s adorable– It’s cute, too. –like you. All right, Mark. What’d you make? I did a pork fried dumpling
with a warm cabbage slaw. – Beautiful.
– I’m going to turn– I’m going to call this
finger food today. It’s finger food. Hop right in. Use your fingers. I love the salt you put on the
outside of the wonton ravioli. You got to salt it as soon
as it comes out of the fryer. The mint is delicious. Mm-hmm. This alone is
mind blowingly hot. However, with this– You gotta do it with that.
Yeah. –it’s great.
It’s perfect. Because this is so
soft and gentle, and– Salty. –succulent and salty. Crispy. Really good, Mark. I love how you
ground the pork belly. It’s not too fine. It had a great texture to it. And that sweet and sour and
hot feeling of the cabbage is perfect. Love it. Well, the yummy factor was off
the charts in those delicious bites, and I would
expect nothing less from this remarkable
assembly of chefs. Thank you, my friends. Thanks, dumplings. Thank you, [inaudible]. Keep in mind, there are
plenty more “After Hours” judges rounds at

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  1. Marc Murphy is nuts, Amanda Freitag is adorbs and GZ is handsome and hilarious. That's one of the reasons why I love After Hours 😀 <3.

  2. Mark: gets happy over yuzu kosho what else could go with it?
    Amanda: pork belly
    Mark: ugh


  3. Don't get me wrong, i'm sure the food is delicious. But zero criticism, all the time? You should rename the show, "Chopped After Hours: Brown nose edition."

  4. Was that a huge joint in his fingers as he walked in?!?!?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 that's awesome!!! Passsss it on eh!

  5. I sincerely enjoy these shows , but i prefer the ones that don't have zakarian in them. i cant stand liars and cheaters for which he is both .

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