Chopped After Hours: Fried | Food Network

Chopped After Hours: Fried | Food Network

OK, here we go. Guys, cameras on. Everybody say schketti. Schketti. When the judges are set
free to do whatever they want with the basket
ingredients, good things happen in the “Chopped”
kitchen after hours. Whoa, not again. You’re not going to
tackle me again, are you? Did she tackle you? She kind of did. Yeah, totally. I hate when she
does that to me. So, Amanda, Scott,
Alex, they say there’s a time for everything
and now it’s time to fry. This is a basket from our
special frying competition, and so what we
have is cube steak, pickled green
tomatoes, duck fat, and chocolate sandwich cookies. What wouldn’t you fry? Ted, I think this
is your fault. And that’s never been said
on this show, you know? Not by someone holding
a knife, that’s for sure. Actually, I really
like this basket. I’m excited about this. I routinely have chocolate
cookies with green tomatoes. I’m feeling a seamless
integration here. So something has
to be deep fried. I’m kind of freaking
out right now because I’m not sure what– you
know what you’re going to do. You know what you’re going to
do, because I know that look. OK. All right, so guys, if
you look behind you, you’ll see that on
your stove tops, there is a cauldron of oil
already heated up to temp. Chefs, 30 minutes to
make entree dishes. You ready? Yeah. Get into that pantry,
time starts now. [music playing] I don’t know where I’m going. Where’s the garlic
and the onions? Right here, right here, garlic
and shallots, right here. Season 50 and I’m
looking for garlic. What are you making, Scott? I think I’m going to try
to make a little risotto. OK, that’s crazy. I’m going to see
if we could do it. I’m going to see if we could
do it in the time frame. I took some of the
cube steak, I put it with chicken and
beef broth together to kind of fortify that flavor. And I have a pan here. I’m going to use some duck
fat and some olive oil, right? And I’m going to add
some coffee to that and I’m going to do a kind
of a coffee-flavored risotto with beef broth. Beautiful, beautiful. We will see. Are you copying me? I can’t. I wouldn’t be able to. I wouldn’t be able to
if I wanted to, Chef. Hey, Amanda. Hi. You have any kind of
a workaround or a way to make your beef tender here? I’m going to go
old school and I’m going to go chicken-fried steak
and duck fat fried potatoes. I have a secret recipe, I
guess you could call it. Is it OK that I’m just using
the middles of these cookies? Of course, it it. A little or a lot. OK, good. I’m making a fried meatball
hero with a green tomato salsa and fried herbs, hopefully. All right, guys just
under 20 minutes to go. Can I deep fry a cookie? Oh yeah, here you go. Here’s the bowl, yeah. I’ll be back. I’m tired of just talking. I want to have some fun, too. So I’m going to use club
soda to make a really, really light batter, kind
of a tempura batter, and I’m going to
make a deep friend chocolate sandwich cookie,
if you know what I mean. Deep fried cookie. Deep friend cookie going in. OK, here it is. All right, you ready?
-Can you do it? Of course, I can do it. You ready? Just be careful. Look, it’s frying. There it goes. Oh, my gosh, it’s working. Look at that. See, this is why the rest of
America gets excited about it. What’s the title
of your dish, Ted? Tempura chocolate
sandwich cookie. Coming up on 15 minutes to go. Madam. If I may, enjoy. Mm. Rapturous? Yeah, oh, my gosh, I’m gonna
make, like, 700 more of those. Go make more. This is my traditional
gravy that goes with chicken fried steak but I’m
really enriching it with a lot of Worcestershire. Can you spell Worcestershire? I have a coffee risotto going. I’m going to do a pickled
green onion, asparagus, and jalapeno garnish. More deep fried cookies. Nice. Look at that. I am making a meatball
right now with bacon. In the fryer. Guys you’ve got 5
minutes on the clock. Hey, Alex. What are doing with your
chocolate sandwich cookies? I put them in the tomato
sauce, the filling. That’s sounds unusual. Because that’s what the French
do when they make tomato sauce. Oui. Scotty, what did you do
with your cookies, honey? Fold them into the risotto? I ate them and they’re
delicious, all right? How about you, Amanda? Cookie action? I kind of buried
the cookies, too. I put them in my gravy. One minute left on
the clock, chefs. I hope I don’t screw
this up because God knows, with the amount of
smack that I talk, if I screw up this
risotto, I’m screwed. That’s true, actually. All right guys, 10, 9, 8, 7,
6, 5, 4, holy cow, wow, 1. Time’s up, please step back. How in the heck are
we going to eat that? All rightie. Alex, do you need a
hand with that bad boy? We need like a crane
for Alex’s dish. Oh, my gosh. Wow. So our frying
competition, I think you guys have done it proud. Certainly made food
that’s much more elegant. You guys had to work
with cube stake, pickled green
tomatoes, duck fat, and chocolate sandwich cookies. First course, is from
Chef Amanda Freitag. What I have for you is
a chicken-fried steak with a pickled
green tomato salad and duck fat fried potatoes. Oh, that sounds good. So also you brought
in fresh tomatoes. Fresh tomatoes with the pickle. A little herbs, a little
basil, a little duck fat. I added the middle of
the cookies to the gravy. I like the fresh tomatoes with
the pickled green tomatoes. I think that they’re really,
really, they’re super tart. Chef Amanda, that’s the only
tender cub steak I’ve ever had. When you fry it like that, it
definitely locks in the juices. It’s a good way to do it. We are eating a risotto from
the hand of Scotty Going On. This is a beef,
chocolate, and coffee risotto with pickled tomatoes,
asparagus, and jalapeno. The fried element
is the sage leaves. Right on the top. Beautiful. So you took the
chocolate from the cookie and you didn’t use
the cream center. -I did not.
-Wow. I wanted to balance off the
sweetness from that chocolate and add a little bit of
bitterness with the coffee. Very rich, but I think that– Very rich. The heat and the pickle from
the jalapeno and the tomato pickle really, really help. Perfectly cooked. OK, Alex, wow. Look at that Me, tell I’m a
meatball, so I made one. You are. The name of my dish is
a fried meatball sandwich with mozzarella green
tomatoes and sage. I think it’s beautiful. This is, I mean,
completely transformed. Are you all right with that? Hey, wait a second. Suddenly, that looks like
it might be possible to eat. Bon appetit. Was that ricotta you
have on there, as well? On the bottom I put
ricotta with fried thyme And then there’s fried
sage in the meatballs. Really good. One of the things
about the frying competitions that
you’ve totally embraced is just that defiant, like– Delicious. I’m going to eat
whatever I want. I’m going to fry
everything I want you and then on top of
that– but the tomato sauce is so beautiful. It’s sweet and– Thank you. I know you used cookie
in it, which is weird, but it tastes good. Wow, you used all the fates,
you fried, you transformed. Thanks. What more could we ask for? Every bite’s delicious. Great job again. I don’t know how you do it. Thank you. Thank you, Ted. Thank you.,
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66 thoughts on “Chopped After Hours: Fried | Food Network”

  1. This is why I love After Hours so much. Never a dull moment with Ted and the chefs lol <3.

  2. So Scott just fried sage as a garnish? If so, they never would have let a contestant get away with that in an episode about frying.

  3. Good creativity, but if you were fair, which you weren't, the risotto and it's chef would be disqualified. This was a frying round he fried nothing. Why didn't you call him on it?

  4. Like they don't say (OREO) right there, zoomed in on the establishing shot. Yeah, we know what chocolate sandwich cookies you mean.

  5. They should of had Ted’s fried cookies at the end for dessert πŸ‘πŸ½ Alex and that sandwich Lol she definitely did her thing

  6. I would've made a chilli. Used the chocolate cookie in the sauce. Also would've deep fried the outside of the cookie and salted it to use as a chip to eat the chilli

  7. Scott is (optionally and voluntarily) using red onions?? I thought he disliked them; or just raw ones in dishes?

  8. If only I had a section of my house with like a million ingredients than never go bad, I would totally cook everything πŸ˜‚

  9. Everything Alex makes seems so effortless and brilliant and creative. She was truly born to cook. I love watching her on these shows. It’s watching an artist at work.

  10. Omfg Scott didn't really incorporate anything fried that is edible to his dish. I get very upset when these ("PROFESSIONAL") chef come out here and tear down another chef for any little thing. If that was a chef and he or she did the same exact dish that Scott made on a frying challenge they would have chopped that chef and pointed it out, but it's ok for them to do the exact same thing they say not to do. What a double standard and very contradictory if I say so myself. They are such hypocrites. They are all ("PROFESSIONAL") chef and need to lead by example. They are ("PROFESSIONAL") and need to show their professionalism and not by hypocrisy cause we are all watching. Shame on you Scott. In my book your chopped. You sure didn't bring any elements of anything fried that anyone can eat, so for those reasons your chopped.

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  12. Good manners dictate that glasses should not be clinked together, merely raised. I don't drink (any more) but seem to be the only one who knows this. Also, if the toast is to you, you simply raise your glass and don't drink until after everyone else.
    What happened to manners??

  13. "Deep fried,,, chocolate sandwich cookie, if you know what i mean ;)" ted, you almost broke the Chopped 5th wall; referencing brand name products

  14. Yea, I don't know about how they get along today but Alex and Amanda are like water and oil, they don't get along. I wonder if this happened shortly after Alex beat Amanda in the Iron chef competition. I realize it's easy to sensationalize situations with tv ppl and we can e totally wrong but yea, I see the animosity. Either way, why do I care to comment on this? No1 cares, not even me, it's just a fun observation πŸ˜‚πŸ˜·

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