Chopped After Hours: Celeb Champs | Food Network

Chopped After Hours: Celeb Champs | Food Network

Uh, security! This is a closed set. You shouldn’t be here then. What is going on? Ladies and Gentlemen,
Marc Murphy. -What are you doing?
-Marc Murphy. Marc. I thought this
was a classy joint. This is a viewer– Oh! You [bleep]. He made a mess on his station. Before everybody clears
out of the Chopped kitchen for the night we like
to give the judges a turn to cook after hours. Well, hey.
-Hey. [laughing] Hi, Ted. How are you all doing? -Good, y’all.
-Always a treat. All good. So what you have
before you is– [inaudible] bottle. Shut up, Geoffrey. Sorry. So what you have
before you is a set of ingredients from
the very last basket of our tournament to Stars. So Brandi Chastain and
Michael Imperioli cooked dessert from these very items. Here we have blueberry goat
cheese, churros, pecans, and champagne, which we all love. What do you think of
these ingredients? Oh. This is one of those baskets
that is– it wasn’t a home run, basically. I mean, sometimes
you get a basket and somebody makes desert
and you’re like wow, this is fantastic. It was like, oh. Well Marc, it’s your job
to show them how it’s done. OK. I’ll figure something out. Show that blueberry goat
cheese log who’s boss. It’s just not the prettiest
thing in the world. And then the
pecans, a wonderfully nutty All-American nut and
All-American ingredient. It’s interesting
because you know, pecans have two different
names, you know that. No. They’re called pecans
and they’re called P-cans. Ah, true. What are you’re
going to do with this? -I’m making an ice cream.
-I’m not. I am not. I’m making a cake with frosting. Oh. I would like something
I can do a parfait in. All right guys,
you’ve got 30 minutes I’m ready. To make a sweet treat that
blows one another away. Are we blowing? Ah, no, no, no, Marc. What are you doing? 30 minutes on the clock. Time starts now. Oh! [trumpet noises] Oh my goodness. Ted, give me that. I saw that. Right now put that back. Oh Geoffrey, don’t
BS a BSer, huh? That’s exactly right. All right. Dark brown sugar or
light brown sugar? I think we’ll go with
light brown sugar. I don’t know what I’m doing. These are really soggy churros. These things need to be– It’s because of the
moisture content in the air. I made that up. I think you’re probably right. What are you going to make? I think I’m going to go
for some type of a parfait. A parfait? I’m going to do a little
churros and pecan crumble. Behind. OK. So by putting something
in a vertical serving piece like a parfait, you can
just make a bunch of creams and crumbles and
stuff and still have it look like it’s a desert. -Very easy.
-That sounds like fun to me. And then what I’m going
to do with the champagne, I’m going to macerate
some berries. OK. You know, I’m going to
put a little butter here and then we’re going
to bake this off. -A little butter?
-Just a little. Why a little? Thank you, darling. Geoffrey Z. Hi, man. You’re making a beer shake. I’m making beer and pizza. So why beer in a basket
that has champagne in it? Because I just,
that’s how I feel. I’m living right now. I’m living life right now. What’s in the bottom
of the blender there? This is not working. Hey guys, help. You may have blown a fuse. Fuse blown. Got an idea.
Come down here. Hold on. Thank you so much. See how people help me. Geoffrey, behind you. Thank you. What all is in here? Beer. I’ll wait. Sugar. Sugar? So like a beer milkshake? Yep. Beershake. Um, so how are you
going to integrate stout beer with champagne? I just put some champagne
in there, actually. You ready for this? I’m so ready for that. Boom. Here we go, watch out. Oh! Watch out, I’m back in the oh. Is this thing on? So um, Alex, what
is on your menu here? Do you know? Well Ted, I’m a little
tired of the ice machine. Well that’s good,
because Geoffrey is hogging it now anyway. So I’m going to make a
pecan cake with churros in the batter, vanilla,
and I am going to make a champagne butter cream. That sounds really,
really lovely. So you’re starting
the champagne cooking. Yeah, I have to
cook the champagne, even for the butter cream. Hold on, I gotta get my nuts. Right on. You know the feeling. -Geoffrey.
-Yes. Do you need a lemon? Thank you so much. This is earth shattering,
so pay attention. I’m making a banana
sweet quesadilla pizza with a blueberry
goat cheese [inaudible]. That’s such [bleep]. Howrah. Anybody need any help? I’m done. All right chefs, less than
15 minutes on the clock. Love it. -You don’t even care, do you?
-Nope. You’re all good. I’m done. I have an idea
here that’s genius. I don’t need to work so hard. Look at these people that are
expending a lot of energy, wasting products, wasting
natural resources. I don’t know, this tortilla
looks kind of raw, Geoffrey. Wait till I cook it, bro. Oh, don’t bro me
less you know me. Oh. Oh. All right folks, you’re
looking at about 10 minutes. OK. So how are you, how much more
do you got left to do, Alex? Well, I’ve got a
butter cream here that I’m making with the
champagne and the goat cheese. OK. That’s quite an
interesting shade of lavender you’ve got there. And then I am going
to– I don’t know. I’m just kind of fooling
around right now. Fooling around is good. Making a blueberry sauce. Look at that. Look how beautiful
these berries are. They’re macerating in
lemon juice and champagne. This is a beautiful thing. So you really, so Marc
you really like maceration. I do, I do. He likes maceration
every morning. A lot of guys do. My cake should be cooked soon. I’m going to make a
little whipped cream. Oh [bleep], there’s
four minutes. Yeah. Oh. Ah. Oh. Oh. The caramelization on
that hazelnut spread. That’s what you want. Wow. Boom. Been a lot of booms in here. Used to be bams in
here, now it’s boom. One minute. Are we ready? Hey, hey, princess,
are we ready? Look at this. Look at this chick,
she’s baking. And then I’ve got
another little layer. Ooh, we’re going
all wow here, kids. Oh-do-do-do-do do boink. I’m just assembling
my cake, another layer. [singing] Suddenly I can’t
see it anymore. Such a jackass. You, Iron Chef Guarnashelli,
as you are so want to say, by the way.
-Yeah. 10. This is so exciting. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Time is up! Oh! Cheers! Cheers. Cheers. Here we go. Well, that was a very
exciting and very goofy round. No. I had a lot of fun
with all of you. I was serious the whole time. That’s why I made a
very serious desert. What is that? It’s a little parfait. The champagne I used
just to macerate the berries with a
little bit of lemon zest. Right. I took the goat cheese and
I added raspberries to it. And then I made a crumble with
the churros and the pecans. Beautiful. Delightful. Mmh. I love the strawberries
with champagne, a very quiet but sophisticated touch. Geoffrey, what do we have? I’m doing pizza and
beer for desert. OK. So we have a quesadilla pizza,
banana, goat cheese, blueberry, and hazelnut chocolate
spread pizza with beer and champagne ice cream. So let me, I’m just going to
cut this pizza, all right. And you just guys just
dig in, all right. The beer, the stout that you
used makes a great flavor. It works. For the ice cream. You can really taste it. It’s good together. Well, that was, that’s
delicious, Geoffrey. I know. Why do we keep that guy around? I don’t know. All right Alex, what
do you have for us? I made a churro
pecan buttermilk cake with a blueberry goat
cheese champagne butter cream. That’s pathetic, cause
I didn’t do any of that. So many different uses of
these basket ingredients. Oh yeah. The first thought
I had, it makes me think of a breakfast cereal. The taste makes me
think of a breakfast, like a beloved childhood
breakfast cereal. Is that good or bad? It’s good, it’s good. Alex is worried. Say what, Ted? I swear, it tastes
like, it tastes like– Hold her back. Anybody get that? I love the toastedness. Is that a word, “toastedness?”
-Sure. It is now. Of the pecans. It makes me think that my
dessert is not that good because it’s so
much work to do this and it so many layers of flavor. It’s really delicious. You’re a fire, girl. Wow. Cheers. For more after
hours judges rounds go to

34 thoughts on “Chopped After Hours: Celeb Champs | Food Network”

  1. I'm sure you guys at chopped love Zakarian…but I can't take him seriously anymore. He's very aloof, he barely follows the idea o f the basket ingredients, and he often just comes off as too arrogant. I've seen him in other things and he can cook…I just don't think he does After Hours any justice. Alex tries…Marc, generally, tries. Hell…even Ted Tries….

  2. Alex was the only one who really tried. Marc wasn't bad. Then there is Mr. Arrogant and conceited. If someone had put up such a sloppy dish as that he would have ripped them to shreds. I just can't stand that man.

  3. I feel like Jeffery said, "Watch this, I'm going to make garbage and everybody is going to love it and tell me how brilliant I am." His performance was subpar this episode.

  4. To all the people hating on "Mr. Arrogant", if you want to watch him try, watch savory episodes. He said himself that he doesn't like baking/dessert. The episodes where he is cooking more savory dishes, he excels.

  5. Jesus people take the after shows so seriously. The whole point isn't to compete, it's for four friends who really know how to cook to get drunk and dick around in the kitchen. It's the chef equivalent of playing Mario Kart with your buddies after work. GZ isn't being arrogant. He's just trash-talking, because it's fun, and that's totally in the spirit of the after shows.

  6. These are so much fun!! I love them. Thank you so much for sharing these, I wouldn't be able to enjoy these without your sharing them!! Thanks!

  7. Anyone else ever notice how since their first Next Iron Chef – how Alex Looks at Geoffrey?  Tell me you look at your partner the way SHE looks at HIM!  hahahaha just saying…

  8. I would have made blueberry cheesecake. Use the pecans and churros for the crust, goat cheese for base use the blueberries and champagne for a compote on top. Maybe save a few pecans for a nice crumble.

  9. Well her final facial expression in the cheers moment at the end indicates someone is in her shyt list(Mark, I suspect) . Too sensitive, it seems like u gotta walk on eggshells to not step on these ppls sensitive egos.

  10. i honestly loved the times on the weekend of my izakaya cooking job where we got 2 pints ofbeerfree after the weekend shift so closing the station whilemakimg family meal always felt great

  11. but seriously how did NO ONE laugh when that lady chef said she gotta get her nuts and says "you know the feeling" lmao classy haha

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  13. What did Jeffrey use in the alcohol ice cream to make it ice cream? Alcohol can't make ice cream. He always has secret ingredients. He uses gelatin in meatballs.

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