Anaerobic Digestion Animation

Food waste arrives at the plant it’s pre-treated and any remaining
packaging is removed, it’s then fed into the digestion tank here the waste separates into the two
main products: firstly there’s methane and rather than being
released into our atmosphere this gas is captured and used to power electricity generators. Over ninety
percent of the electricity produced in this way is exported to the national grid the remainder being used by the plant
itself, alternatively the methane can be cleaned up and used
as a vehicle fuel or fed into the national gas supply for use by homes and businesses. There is
also a very useful byproduct, heat, about a third of this is used to heat
the AD plant itself with the remainder often being used
to warm local factories and other buildings making the whole process almost self
sufficient in power and heat There’s also an useful secondary product
which comes from anaerobic digestion this is a digest that sinks to the
bottom of the tank, which is rich in nutrients and nitrogen which can be used as a soil improver and, with the cost of fertiliser going up all the time, this is a great way of returning nutrients to the land theme

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