100 thoughts on “Americans Try Russian Holiday Food”

  1. no pickled water melon, WTF. You have to be in the mood for krasniya ikra. Garik Suharik. kak ti ne stidna. Nada shob me svanili baba fira

  2. The girl was not rude she just stated she didnt like the taste of certain foods…the point is for them to try it and give feedback…thats why we are watching these videos ppl

  3. My husband is from Ukraine and this is our house when my in-laws come to stay with us. I’m Mexican American and they love Mangos and avocados! Ps guacamole with caviar is amazing 😉

  4. why did the girl say she’s not gonna go to soviet holiday parties? russia isn’t the soviet union anymore!! also she gagged eating the herring but not ikra which was interesting since they’re both very salty and fishy tasting

  5. I bet this food is not so bad as those guys made it look ^_~ And that flaky cake – I bet I've actually seen one while visiting Belgium.

  6. Такие вкусные кушанья! Спасибо, сейчас мне голодно…. Всем привет из германии

  7. Video should be american russians try russian food. Whats the point of those russian douchebags if they know what everything tastes like..

  8. “It looks like someone deep fried a mouse”

    I’m Ukrainian and honestly I wholeheartedly agree

    Ummm is that bad….

  9. I was honestly shocked that Americans don’t usually eat pickled tomatoes. I literally thought everyone knew about them :))

  10. My issue with these dishes is I really don't like condiments and mayonnaise makes me gag so a lot of these dishes would be a hard pass for me. I also don't like pickled anything 😅

  11. My family has sort of Americanised (as in making only 3-5 dishes for new years), but my favourite food is the селёдка под шубой (seledka pod shuboi).

  12. I’ve had the salad…. went to Grady Hs in Brighton Beach…. family restaurant on Neptune ave me and my friends would hang out and I would always order the salad ….. so yummy

  13. Как они кривят лица, когда пробуют еду. А ведь вкуснее сосисок в тесте и гамбургеров ничего не пробовали

  14. Looking like…. It's not looking like russian food…. The idea of russian salads is right mix of ingredients, bad mix or bad only one ingredient salad become trash.

  15. Блять в смысле вам не зашла оливьешка и селедка под шубой, ало, ребята, вы вообще живы?

  16. I’ve tried many of these dishes growing up & really like them, esp the “Chicken Kiev” as we call it here in the states & the Smoked Sardines.

  17. You know whats a great Belgian appetizer and has mayo on it? Compost peach halves with tuna salad on top. It is quite delicious although it sounds horrible.

  18. Err… These foods aren't that unfamiliar. The chicken is known in other European countries as Chicken Kiev, the salad is commonly called Russian Salad. Plus, is it really what unusual for people to eat Sardines on toast? Surely, this must show how much the USA isolated itself from Russian influence during the cold war…

  19. The Olivye is called “Russian Salad” in Greece but I’m Turkey they call it “American Salad” because communism. The Turkish version of “Freedom Fries.”

  20. I don't dislike the herring under fur coat. It basically tastes like sushi to me, though I will pick out the onions if they aren't boiled. I am kinda glad it only happens around New Years, though, and not year round…….

  21. So who is Russian and who is American? Armenian and Jewish guys presenting food to Irish and Asian? 🙂

  22. Americans have such narrow taste Palatte by eating trashy food all day long. They are so not open to other foods /cultures… This is horrible. Both the boy and girl (american) were not very respectable to Russian culture and food. And I am not even Russian, saying that.

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