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– You really went to Africa
to just get this food? I didn’t even know that was a real town. (growls repeatedly) – Looks good. – It smells spicy. (hums softly) (hums softly) – Is this some kind of yummy thing? I’m thirsty. (laughter) – Bo. (hums uncomfortably) – Spicy! – I do not like it. It really spices me and I have to do like, teeth, like here’s my
tongue and here’s the teeth. – It’s hot and not good at the same time. – I never heard of that place. Etheopan. Etheopan. – No. Kita, fooey, heh. Did I do it right? Ooobie doobie! Oh my this is a big. (gasps) – Oh. For a minute there I thought
it was like, ice cream. – No. Ja-booty, ja-booty, ja-booty. (laughter) – Only with? Oh. – You’re kidding? Oh! For the love of Pete! – Injera, I mean, it’s
like a little beehive. Like there’s one bee
hole, there’s another, another, and many bee holes. And if a bee actually
livin’ in there and going, “Hey how dare you eat my home! “Ow, bzzzz.” (chuckles) – Oh. Ah! You tricked me! You just made my fingers a mess. You guys. – Ugh. Egh! What is that? – Woo-ah. Whoah, I do not like that. – Not good, not good. N, O. – This is weird. – Oh no, no, no! Oh no, no, no, no! (laughter) – Dang it! Come on. (laughter) So much for new clothes! – This is spicy, this
is spicy, this is spicy. The bread here is spicy. – If you like this meal,
I feel very happy for you, but to me it’s like eating a torch. – It smells good, it smells like coffee. Can I open? Now can I? – What the? I’m gonna have trouble even touching this. – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. Why does this have hair in it? I think this is the hair bottle. – Is that hair? – Hair? I do not like that. – This is actually getting
a little ridiculous. These traditions are very unusual. Very unusual. – Oh no, no, no. No! Is this supposed to be mess? – This is a dessert? It’s the weirdest dessert ever. – Mmmm. – You promised me I won’t drink coffee. Yeah right. Ew, yep, yep, I’m glad I plugged my nose. Oh! Bad! Bad! (laughter) – My I be excused? (laughter) – [Kid In Green] That was the
worst dish I had in my life. – Hey it’s Marina and I’ve
got some exciting news. We’re launching a new channel called HiHo, with videos of kids for kids. Kids Chi will be migrating over to HiHo when we launch in a few
weeks but don’t desert Cut, we’re still gonna be making fun and exciting things over here. Thanks guys.

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