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– Ew. I don’t like it. – Why me? I wish it was called that. (cheerful music) – I hope it’s a treat! (laughing) – What is this? – Is that fish inside? – Pickles. – I love pickles. Mm. – What? – No they do not! – Pickled fish? Pickled. Fish. – I heard of that. – Etherlands. – It’s Netherlands. N, Netherlands. – Netherlands. – Booyay Yoo Yoo? – What is this? – I say meat and potatoes. – Pig.
– Hotdog. – Pig is hotdog. – Poor piggy! – I love dead pig. What the, wait a minute. What’s that? – I don’t wanna guess. – Spinach. – Maybe it’s potatoes and lettuce mashed. Smoosh. – Is that seaweed? Okay. I’ll eat that later. (groans) – After this I’m gonna be sick. (chewing) – I’m gonna try the sausage. I just hope I don’t get spiced again. I kinda like the potato separated but the sausage, ew. I like it together best. – [Man Offscreen] This is called stamppot. – Stamppot. – Stumbut? – I call for our star. – [Both] Next dish please. (giggling) – Ew, what is it? It looks like pie. Like flat pie. – Yum! It’s like a pancake. – You can’t be too sure. – This the cake? – No. – Just gonna do that. Mm. – Mom, do you know what that means? Okay, tell them. It means my brain popped. Yeah, it’s so good. – This is like sugar pancakes. – Just as I suspected. – Pamfcake! – [Man Offscreen] In the
Netherlands, they say pannenkoeken. – Pannenkoeken. – Cuckoo. Cuckoo! – Cucken. (laughing) – I always wanted to speak
a different language. – I always wanted to speak China. – Wait a minute! – What? – This. – What is it? – Eat it. – Oh. Apple. – If it goes like this, then
it means it’s past good. I love it. – It’s really good. – I enjoyed it. – And you’re making me fat. – Goodbye. – Thank you for watching. – [Both] Bye!

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