Alopecia Areata (hair loss), Digestion, Weight Loss

My name’s Andre
and I had an issue with alopecia. It was on my head—two spots on my head—and I decided to go with Dr. Singh
because I didn’t want to use any chemicals. So Dr. Singh, he looked at it and gave me
confidence that he’d take care of it. In a very, very short period of time my
hair started to grow back. Usually alopecia takes a long time
for it to grow back but with Dr. Dharam, with acupuncture within a couple of months
my hair was already growing back. Along with that, I was also having issue
with fatigue, loss of energy… Fixed completely. For the loss of energy and
the fatigue, he taught me Qigong. A little, short 5- to 6-minute exercise
that he taught me and it would naturally give me a boost of
energy, right away. No chemicals, no 5-hour energy drinks
or Red Bull or any of that stuff. No crash at the end. You can tell the difference… in your energy… in the flow of life that you have inside of you. I actually want to do things after work.
I don’t have that fatigue anymore. It’s not just the short-term solution
that he gives you. It’s actually things that he teaches you and
you can actually learn that you can use throughout your life which would benefit you a lot. It was great. It worked. Some of the other benefits…loss of weight. And with that loss of weight
I felt more alive, more energetic… and confident, too.

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