Adam Ruins Everything – Low-Fat Foods Are Making You Fatter | truTV

Adam Ruins Everything – Low-Fat Foods Are Making You Fatter | truTV

And the only reason
you think they do is because
of bad science
and worse marketing. Heh!
That’s ridiculous. When I eat fat, it goes
in my body and becomes fat, and fat is bad. Yeah, that’s what
everybody thinks, but it’s not true. Oh, hey, an egg timer! (timer tingling) (blows)
People have been eating fat for as long
as humans have existed, and their lives
were swell. (whoosh) Fat tastes good! Also, salve
for tiger wound. Okay, maybe not swell. The point is, fat
is one of our oldest and most basic nutrients. Wow, thank you
for the history
lesson, Adam. But I need
to lose weight, and the most
important thing is
for me to cut out fat. Yep, that’s what
the sugar industry
wants you to think. (whoosh) ♪♪ (upbeat jazz playing) Holy, hambone! Are you trying to
give me a heart attack? Funny you should
say that, because in the early
20th century, doctors began to notice
a disturbing rise in a once rare condition
called heart disease. Americans’ hearts
are failing. But where will
the love go? And when
President Eisenhower suffered a heart attack
in 1955, it galvanized
the nation. Mmm, mmm– (gasps) Someone look into this! Uhh! Americans were
determined to
fight heart disease, but instead,
they were bamboozled
by the sugar industry and one very suave
scientist. (whoosh) This is Ancel Keys,
a scientist so popular, he once made the cover
of “Time” magazine. (camera shutters clicking,
people cheering) (wolf whistle) Keys was certain
that fat was the cause
of heart disease, but only because
he cherry-picked his data to get the result
he wanted. This data’s out of sight!
This data can sit on it! Fat makes you fat.
Ehh! (people laugh and hoot) And nobody cared that
his research was bad? Not really. Except for one slightly
less popular scientist named John Yudkin. Actually, sugar
is the likely culprit. When you eat more sugar
than your liver can
normally process, it’s stored as fat. Hey, get a load
of the nerd! (laughter) Keys denounced Yudkin and made fun of his
research in public. (Yudkin stammering) Fat makes you fat. End of story! (people cheering) And people
just believed this jerk? Yeah, because
of a big assist from a group with
a sickly sweet agenda, the sugar industry. (pop music playing) In the ’60s, these
candy-coated capitalists started straight up
paying scientists to downplay
the dangers of sugar and shift
the blame to fat. Here’s a little something
for that big “fat problem” we have. You got it, sugar. (music stops) I mean, “you”
the sugar industry. I wasn’t
calling you “sugar.” When John Yudkin spoke out against sugar in 1972, the industry
publicly mocked him, calling his research
“science fiction.” Now, now, we’ve been
eating fat for millennia, but if we track the rise in sugar consumption, there’s a clear correlation
with the rise in heart disease and obesity. (laughing)
If we track the rise
of sugar consumption! Live long and prosper!
Beep beep! I am a sugar robot! (laughter) I am not a sugar robot. I’m not! The sad truth is,
Yudkin was right. We now know that sugar is linked to both heart disease
and weight gain and has been found to be
more addictive than cocaine. But Keyes
and sugar industry spent so many years
swaying the research that by the time
that Yudkin retired,
the public was convinced. Despite being right
the whole time, he died in obscurity. (wind blows) Wow. Science is
a harsh business. And Big Sweet’s relentless
lobbying didn’t stop there. They spent years
packing health panels with sugar-friendly
scientists. We need reliable,
objective research! I’ve got just the man. (drum roll) (playing whistle)
Fat’s bad. Their campaign reached
its sugar height when the USDA
officially recommended a low-fat diet in 1980. (“Star Spangled Banner” plays) Fat is the enemy! (laughter) This lead to a full-blown craze for low-fat food everyone started
getting thinner. Right? Quite the opposite. After the USDA
came out against fat, obesity rates
actually skyrocketed. (laughing)
But why?! Low-fat foods must help me
lose weight. I mean, I’m cutting out
something, right? Wrong. When you take the fat out,
it makes food taste worse, so to make it
more palatable, food companies typically
a little something– piles and piles of sugar. Oh! This fat-free cake
tastes like Styrofoam, y’all. Let’s just add
a little sugar. And… much better. (giggles) Now, let’s talk about why I think white sugar
is superior to brown– Okay, that’s enough!
Oh, yikes. But you said
that sugar makes
you gain weight. Exactly. The sugar industry
peddled bad science and demonized fat
in order to sell us
more of the product that actually causes
heart disease and weight gain. And now, eating
so much sugar has made us fatter
and unhealthier. Et tu, Snacky?

100 thoughts on “Adam Ruins Everything – Low-Fat Foods Are Making You Fatter | truTV”

  1. If you actually thought sugar didn't contribute to weight gain then you're an idiot, saturated fats are actually bad tho don't make seem like all fats are fine

  2. Adam needs to RUIN VEGANS! I don't need to watch this cos I already know this: any idiot that doesn't read ingredients deserves to get fat and cancer. Yanks put all kinds of garbage in foods. Why it's legal when it's banned all over the world (Canada, Peru, Europe etc) I don't know. But at least they list the garbage on the label, LOL! Idiots!

  3. It's not just sugar. Look up obesogens. Very few websites talk about OBESOGENS. It's the unpronounceable synthetic chemicals added to most USA foods. Designed to disrupt your hormones and cause you to gain weight rapidly. The food industry & the billion dollar weight loss industry are in cahoots. Not to mention FDA! Why is FOOD AND DRUGS into 1 organization? This would be like coupling governement and crime. Oh wait! :-/ Anyway they have meetings that go like that Monday morning: Drugs We need more money. Foods: I Know! Let's put more crap in the food to make people sick/die. Drugs: Yay! (I wonder if the Food and Death industry are or will ever be joined.)

  4. Those scientists called him a "nerd". Shame on them. How would you feel if someone dalled you a nerd? You're a frieking child for calling someone a nerd.

  5. It was a little more complicated than a popular scientist saying: Fat makes you fat! Ever since Eisenhower, rumors started circulating that fat was to blame. Different scientists said different types of fat were the culprit, but when cutting these fats out of their diets didn’t help, people started to lose faith in these studies, and drew up the conclusion that all fats were bad for you! And the sugar industry was quick to capitalize on this!

  6. If you eat pure fat sad playlist found in lots of different food your body from the top of my assets faster little fast food more sugar last sleeper more salt chemicals Bobby doesn't know how to process it so leaves it there then will you start gaining weight

  7. when you eat that your body digests has it for energy when you eat sugar your body doesn't know what to do with it it keeps it in your body and you got fat👍

  8. Ok Adam, show this this video to any nutritionist and see what they think. Better yet why don’t you eat a bunch of fatty foods and see how healthy you are in about a month. There are even documentaries that debunk your whole thesis. You’re a idiot.

  9. Well, to be fair you can lose weight eating low fat. Thing is you have to make sure the calorie count is lower. Some low fat products can have more calories than regular. I'm a fan of fat free ranch dressing from aldi. It's just 20 calories per serving vs 120 in regular. Thing is people want to just look for a label and buy that product to lose weight, when in the end it takes a bit of research / work.

  10. And it's so hard to get away from living here in the US. So many things contain added sugar, even things you wouldn't expect to find it in.

  11. If you look at cereal commercials made during the fifties and sixties (which are easy to find on YouTube), you'll see that practically all of them exploit their sugar content as their most profound selling point. "You can eat (name of cereal) right out of the box… like candy!" was a line used by Post, Kellogg's, General Foods, Even the names of the cereals reflect this hype: Sugar Smacks, Sugar Pops, Sugar Frosted Flakes…
    That being said, there is, in my opinion, too much blame now being hoisted on sugar in today's health marketplace. You're just as overwhelmed by today's negative press foisted on sugar as you were thirty, forty years ago when the media had fat as its "bad boy".
    One should be wary whom- or what-ever the media portrays as it's current health and/or social "villain".

  12. I actually have a fairly high fat diet and will take a fair amount of sugar with my tea, besides the odd pastry now and again. Yet I have absolutely no weight issues. Now some of that is genetics and having a metabolism that just burns off what I eat. But another is not ever having or wanting to replace the real fats and sugars with chemical substitutes that would only do more harm than any good. And taste far worse.

  13. Something tells me this is a gross over simplification.

    A few points-
    I can say from personal experience that it's been public knowledge that excess sugar is bad for you since the mid 90s as the very least, if not much sooner, just not for reasons of weight gain, seems the "sugar industry" would have jumped on that if they had that much sway
    someone please site for me the actual name of the "sugar industry" or whatever that operates as a single unit
    Excessive fat IS dangerous and anyone who tells you otherwise is an idiot- excessive WATER is dangerous folks ( though it won't make you fat- excessive fat will)
    Not only has fat been a staple of the human diet for ages, so has sugar- and not just because cakes and other sweets have existed in one form or another for thousands of years- ask anyone with a sugar allergy and they'll tell you, it's even in completely natural fruit- literally fruit, just fruit, used to be considered desert in Europe because of it's sweetness.

    Hey Adam, if you really want to help, offer alternative methods for sweetening foods- many people would be surprised at for instance- lemon juice.

    All that being said, "sugar" isn't the main issue either. While both sugar and fat have been in human diets since time immemorial, high fructose corn syrup… not so much.

  14. This says it all, just startet the keto diet (very little carb, eat protein and fat), 4 weeks / lost 8 kg, but more important , I feel fantastic
    and most important , I do not feel hungry !!
    Its a walk in the park,

  15. Excess CALORIES are stored as fat in the body, doesn’t matter if they are primarily carb, fat, or protein. Not all carbs are “sugar”, just eat unprocessed food…

  16. Oh my God I'm done will coke and I'll eat burgers no more coke I'm out.??? CAN U EXPLAIN WHY MY MOM VOMITED SOO MUCH AFTER DRINKING COKE.???

  17. Also. Walking everyday. The human body requires excercises to burn off weight deposits. It doesn't require much, literally just taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

  18. You know… I'm surprised the meat industry didn't counter the sugar industry with trying to hinder their fatty meats sales… But oh well, they both could've been in on it too…

  19. sounds like the articles i read on alcohol paying off the scientist that research effects of alcohol. and the scientist finding alcohol to be good for your, oddly enough

  20. Adam you are truly funny. Or at least the writers your company hired. I stopped watching you when you did an episode where you took some of your clothes off. Plz don’t do that again.

  21. Why does the video spend so much time attacking a study from over 50 years ago? Why do they ignore all the recent research that supports Key's study? Furthermore, why do they just assume the average American even knows about the USDA dietary guidelines? Adam is projecting here. He accuses low-fat supporters of cherry picking but in reality all he can do is attack an almost 60 years old study and the sugar strawman. Sugar supposedly being bad has nothing to do with dietary fat; nothing but a red herring.

    If Adam actually believed what he said, he'd actually show any research at all that showed dietary fat doesn't make you fat; but he can't for obvious reasons. Instead he'll just show a completely irrelevant correlation about sugar.

  22. Both, sugar and oils are unhealthy, and fat from meat and dairy too. The only healthy fats are in whole plant foods, same concerns the sugar – if it's not from whole fruits – it's unhealthy.

  23. I dont think Adam is lying, but his info is wrong. "Low fat" when Keys was around was whole fruits, grains, legumes and veggies for the most part. Oversimplifying what Keys said is a strawman. 2nd, while the government did recommend low fat, it doesnt mean the public was following what was recommended. The goverment also recommended exercising but more people ate fatty fast foods and lead more and more of a sedintary lifestyle that Adam is omitting. Mcdonalds, KFC, Burger King and video games didnt become more popular because people ate low fat and exercised.

  24. Back in days,
    Commoner eat Organic Food while Aristocrat eat Processed Food

    Commoner ear Processed Food while They eat Organic Food

  25. its honestly a mix of unhealthy fats, processed foods and refined sugar&oils. and a Whole Foods, Plant Based Lifestyle wouldn't hurt!

  26. Sugar converts to fat at 70% efficiency. Fat converts to fat at 100% efficiency. Fat also has higher caloric density. Neither is great for you but sugar is more readily burned for energy

  27. This video is misleading because you forgot to mention a vital piece of information. Eating fat without sugar and carbs is healthy. But if eaten with sugar OR carbs it will lead to diseases. You cant just cut out sugar only, carbs needs to go too. Because carbs causes same insulin spike as sugar and ultimately decomposes to basic sugar in the body.

  28. Let's not forget the elephant in the room…asparatame. The silent killer. Still don't drink Diet Coke or Coke Zero because of this.

  29. The past 10 years sugar consumption has gone down and the rate of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes has gone up.. 1 gram of fat had 9 calories while 1 gram of pure table sugar has 4.. That’s less than half.. Speaking of cherry picking data this guy is the worst

  30. bro how come no one is talking about the scientist that was right the whole time but was mocked and made fun of. was right the whole time but died before his research was proven right hit me hard 😥😥😥

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  32. Im not saying any of this is wrong information, but I keep imagining how, like the past if it were to turn out all of this talk was false. I mean, its 2019 and transparent information has supposedly been getting built up more and more against all the false facts, if it ever turned out all of this was wrong, I imagine the whole of society would go ape.
    Id like to think humanity would only tolerate back and forward arguing for so long before mutually out crying at once.

  33. 4:57 Whites are so relentless to blacks for so many years and they can’t stop it like addiction And her voice is like texian so matters no good

  34. This video is great but the only thing that irked me was the comment about sugar being more addictive than cocaine. That most likely came from a study that undergraduates did with a relatively small sample size of rats. That being said, eating lots of sugar is not good for you and not everyone gets addicted to coke.

  35. Make a video about how Intermittent Fasting is used (with biased research) to market a form of vitamin B3 that puts stress on your liver, called NMN and NAD+… While vitamin B3 is available in most multivitamins…

  36. It's difficult to get good data on this because fat people are more likely to eat low-fat foods, and they're more likely to develop health conditions in the first place. For instance, people who drink diet soda are less healthy than people who don't, but they're not necessarily unhealthy because they drink diet soda.

  37. Adam is credible. I am a very slim teenager. Wanna know the secret? I rarely eat sugar in my life. I eat mostly salty foods which is not good but at least i aint fat. I once tried eating fatty foods like junk food every day for a week just to try make me fatter. Didnt work at all… i hate eating sugar tho.

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