8 Signs Of Nutrient Deficiencies That Should Not Be Ignored

8 Signs Of Nutrient Deficiencies That Should Not Be Ignored

eight signs of nutrient deficiencies
that should not be ignored there are a number of general symptoms those
experiencing nutritional deficiencies may see including fatigue weakness
lightheadedness and constipation this video is about some of the symptoms of
nutrient deficiencies but you want to know one symptom of secretly being a
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don’t tell anyone what is a nutrient deficiency well your body needs certain
things to function minerals vitamins and such they’re perfect for preventing
disease and helping your body grow vitamins and minerals are also known as
micronutrients and when your body doesn’t get enough that’s where
deficiencies come into play health line describes it like this a nutritional
deficiency occurs when the body doesn’t absorb or get from food the necessary
amount of a nutrient deficiencies can lead to a variety of health problems
these can include digestion problems skin disorders stunted or defective bone
growth and even dementia sheesh sounds pretty scary so what are the symptoms of
these seemingly terrifying conditions well we are here to tell you symptoms in
your face there is a lot your face can reveal about the internal state of your
body here are 5 facial signs that you’re experiencing nutrient deficiency number
one a pale complexion there are a number of vitamin
deficiencies that can lead to a loss of skin pigmentation hint a notably paler
complexion than usual restoring your body of these vitamins can help you
regain healthy-looking skin vitamin C or ascorbic acid affect skin pigmentation
because it helps produce collagen which is an essential protein for a number of
tissues in the body as well as healthy skin and nails vitamin b9 or folic acid
maintains the metabolism and helps supply energy production which is an
important role in developing red blood cells not getting enough folic acid can
result in folate deficiency anemia which can lead to visibly paler skin vitamin
b12 or cobalamin helps produce hemoglobin and also breaks down
nutrients for energy within tissues deficiency can result in pernicious
anemia which can make one lose skin pigmentation number two puffy eyes if
you begin to notice that your eyes appear puffier than normal this could be
your faces way of telling you that you are lacking iodine in your body iodine
deficiency can cause improper thyroid function which can lead to an array of
symptoms with one of those being puffy eyes the body doesn’t make iodine so
it’s essential that it becomes part of one’s diet to ensure proper development
and metabolism to make sure that you’re getting enough iodine in your diet some
common sources include cheese cow or soy milk eggs frozen yogurt ice cream
iodized table salt seaweed and multivitamins containing iodine number
three painful or bleeding gums if you start to notice that your gums are
becoming irregularly tender and painful or are bleeding it might not be a dental
issue if your hygienic instead it could be a case of vitamin C deficiency
vitamin C is crucial for the body an inadequate vitamin C consumption can
result in bleeding gums and if left untreated and turned to gingivitis the
body doesn’t store vitamin C long term because it’s water-soluble which means
that the daily consumption is necessary to avoid deficiency according to the
Institute of Medicine it’s recommended that men over the age of 18 have 90
milligrams of vitamin C per day and women over 18 have 75 milligrams per day number for hair issues if you begin to
notice that your hair feels brittle you begin experiencing dandruff or just
seems lifeless altogether this could be your body’s Way of telling you that
you’re lacking vitamin b7 biotin biotin aids the body in metabolizing fats and
proteins which also helps with hair growth not only convite Amin b7
deficiency results in lifeless hair but severe cases can also result in hair
loss and scaly red rashes around the eyes nose and mouth
the US Food and Nutrition Board suggests that adult males and females 19 years
and older should be consuming 30 milligrams per day many supplements
provide the daily dietary requirements of biotin but there are multiple food
groups rich in the vitamin including eggs almonds whole grains and meat
number 5 pale lips if you begin to notice that your lips are lacking color
and you start to have unusual cravings for things like ice or dirt this may be
your body’s Way of telling you that you have an iron deficiency iron is critical
for the body to produce haemoglobin yet iron deficiency is the most common
nutritional deficiency in the United States the sign of iron deficiency in
the face aren’t just limited to the lips the entire face can become pale when the
body is low in iron there are a number of iron rich foods including red meat
pork poultry seafood beans dried fruit and if
those aren’t for you there’s always the option of supplements symptoms on your
body now we move from the face onto the body here are some of the bodily signs
that you might have a nutritional deficiency number one body rashes these
rashes might appear everywhere on your face on your body anywhere they’re ugly
they’re patchy and they’re uncomfortable they come because your body is missing
biotin as we said before this stuff is involved in hair growth but it is a part
of many other things as well the medical experts at University of Iowa Hospitals
and Clinics say that biotin is involved in several essential enzymatic reactions
necessary for metabolism of glucose amino acids an especially critical in
omega fatty acid metabolism when your body doesn’t get enough biotin that’s
when the trouble starts aside from hair loss the Department of
nutrition and health sciences found then biotin deficiency is also associated
with the appearance of an inflammatory skin condition characterized by a scaly
red rash around the body’s orifices not good not good at all number two cramps specifically in your legs there are a
couple different nutrients that might contribute to this so let’s go through
them one by one first you might not have enough magnesium in your body according
to George Abbey’s research magnesium deficiency is one of the most common
nutrients we are deficient in it is also one of the most critical minerals in
supporting healthy nerve function in the body aiding in muscle relaxation and
contraction and acting as an electrolyte in bodily fluids amongst other
life-giving functions depleted magnesium levels can lead to the imbalance in
calcium ion channels throughout the body which manifest as a number of health
symptoms second is potassium according to the Department of neuroscience and
cell biology at the Robert Wood Johnson medical school potassium deficiency can
cause cramping in leg muscles potassium is also involved in maintaining the
integrity of cellular fluid and works closely with other minerals like calcium
to support nerve function and smooth muscle tone and finally a lack of
calcium might be your problem the people at the Medical University Innsbruck say
that inadequate calcium absorption or deficiency may also be to blame for
those tight muscles calcium is involved in muscle contractions and assists in
generating nerve impulses vitamin D is critical to regulate and increase the
absorption of calcium and may be an underlying cause or another underlying
issue of your calcium deficiency most of the time all three might be your problem number three sensations in the hands or
feet these are not good vibrations you’re picking up their signs of
nutrient deficiencies tingling in particular or numbness are some of the
nastiest signs there is a link between the lack of
vitamin b12 in vitamin b9 vitamin b12 according to medical professional doctor
jockey is involved in a key reaction that regulates nerve function supports
DNA synthesis and helps regulate specific amino acid levels like chemo
cysteine from becoming toxic vitamin b9 is involved in similar neurological
pathways but what does all this have to do with nutrient deficiencies according
to the school of Molecular bioscience at the University of Sydney a deficiency in
vitamin b12 and folate are associated with inflammatory conditions throughout
the body however severe problems that can arise from vitamin B deficiency like
Crohn’s disease may be masked by less problematic symptoms early on one of
these early body signs is neurological damage manifested as numbness or
tingling in areas of the body such as hands and feet and as for b6 a
deficiency that is obviously not a good thing either according to the Institute
of Food and Agricultural Sciences vitamin b6 deficiency is still a concern
as it assists in many metabolic functions including neurotransmitter
function and the metabolism of carbs fatty acids amino acids and organic
acids and so part video about nutrient deficiencies is complete what’d you
think of our list did we make you think about any of the symptoms you might be
experiencing did we miss any of the most important ones let us know in the
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