Hey everybody! This is Randy Santel, “Atlas” with Atlas & Zeus Promotions and proud owner of FoodChallenges.com! Friggin definitely pumped up tonight, I’m here with my teammate, Ramsey “The Mantis Hilton” or Dr. Ramsey “The Mantis” Hilton. we are in Columbus, Ohio at Joseppi’s Pizza taking on their 28″ Mega Meat Challenge! now last night, day 1 of Hell Week we dominated an 18″ stuffed pizza in less than 5 minutes. Today is not going to be the same result because this one is about 11 lbs and a hell of a lot bigger. But we’ve got one hour to finish it over 110 teams have tried but only 1 team has been able to win and it was just under the time limit. As a team we’ve got one hour. If we win we’ll get $100 cash, $150 in gift cards, shirts, and be up on their Wall of Fame! Ready to get this going? [Ramsey] Yes! Lets get this challenge started! Alright now you’re going to be seeing Ramsey for the next few videos so lets get to know him! The man is a Doctor, who has his Ph.D. in chemical engineering, where from? Mizzou! and he’s got over 230 food challenge wins, going for win #234 tonight! and the reason he’s so damn thin is because he runs about 70 miles a week! Now lets get this challenge started! One, two, three! Now the record is an hour, so we’ve got time trying to beat that, but we’re still going to go fast! Normally we do all the inside first then the crust but there is really no crust to this pizza so I’m going to keep working my way, and he’s dominating his side. Only 3:30 in! You want a Coke? Yeah. Can you get us two diet cokes? Ugh! Regular for me! 22:45 – I’ve got a few bites, he’s about to kill the rest of his. Harder than we expected when we first looked at it. Hell of a lot harder than day 1, but hopefully Hell Week, day 3 isn’t as hard tomorrow. Lets get the rest of this down! Ramsey is obviously feeling great over there! If it was easy it wouldn’t be called Hell Week! 28:52! The official new record, cutting the old record by half! For winning we’re going to get $100 Cash, $150 gift cards to pay for the meal, shirts and we’ll be up on their Wall of Fame! What did you think of it? [Ramsey] It was tough! Larger than it looks! Awesome challenge! The soda definitely helped! 28:52! Thank you to Joseppi’s Pizza! Day 3 of Hell Week tomorrow! Thank you to Joseppi’s and thank you guys for watching!

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